Mar 8, 2010

Restoran Ho Boh @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Ahhhh, finally I have spare time to scribble shits here. Had a really busy month, with assignments and examinations, now who say life in Sunway University is fun? Well, in a way it is, but then again, it's not! It's a long hard semester, and honestly, I'm pretty much satisfied with how things had been. The new people I met, they're awesome. Pretty confident the next semester will be better than the last, social wise. lol.

A pure Ipoh boy, and I have to say, I never fancy the fast and furious lifestyle of the country's capital. The shopping malls, the crazy highways, the insane drivers that cross each others' lane, there's just too much difference. It's not like I've never been here, maybe it's because I came here one time too many! And trust me, I travel to PJ/KL like every month for 5-6 years. All my stay weren't that long, but they sure are a hell of a ride! Oh, having said so, I wanna make it clear that I'm not the anti-establishment kinda guy.

Maybe I need time, chill and hold my composure, I gotta be patience for the best day of the week here is, none other than Sunday. I think I chased away alot of readers, by simply waving the magic wand of procrastinating, see if I can bring 'em back with this, healthy go-green meal. I hope it's not a tad too boring!

Restoran Ho Boh

it's easy to locate, address right at the end of the post. just a few blocks away from Axian's Dim Sum, and if you're lucky you might get to step on some rusty water that leaked from a pipe beside the shops' entrance, like i did.

hybrid for some, fusion for me. remember those rounded old-school switches? i was pretty amazed to see it here. sweet!

check out the wall, the straw basket and those calendar, 1962? or 1984 for you?

sticking with the rusty and woody colored theme, but the menu looked seasoned, good or bad omen? you decide but it sure looks good to me.

there was a few shots in ip man 2 that was shot with the chairs and tables here, or maybe the look-a-likes, the old school Chinese wooden bench rocks my socks!

Ho Boh Rui Cha @ RM 5.90 for small and RM 6.90 for big. You could opt for brown rice for additional 60 cents.
I suck at translating, but i'll try to give you an idea what its made of. if you already know what it is, then do correct me if i did any mistakes aite! Basically it's steamed rice, served with long beans, spinach, peanuts,pickled radish, scallions, chopped bean curds, and lots of other UGO (unidentified green objects). There's this soup that comes with it, it looks scarily green, it smelled fragrantly green, and of cause you'll feel healthy as you slowly sip them down.

am pretty sure, your jaws will get a good ol' workout upon finishing this bowl of crunchy and healthy bowl of food.

Japan Cucumber Juice @ RM 4.90 , and what does it do?
I quote the menu, "Jap cucumber help improve liver function to prevent alcohol toxic and clears urine acid." No fabrication, word by word, that's what they wrote in the menu!

Lime Lotus Root Juice @ RM 4.90
And allow me to quote the menu again, "For cough, heatiness, help close-uppores, strengthen immune systems." ugh what? don't ask me!

San Bao Fruit Juice @ RM 4.90
Quote quote, "Cooling, strong anti-cancer properties, help in preventing high blood pressure and atherosclerosis" athe what!? i remember how miserable i was drinking this. if i remember correctly, it contains 3 kinds of fruit/veggie; the bitter gourd, celery and another one which i don't remember. other than being a really healthy and disease preventive drink, it was pretty damn bad tasting, and awfully bitter! but it's healthy anyway, ugh.

some pork belly cooked with some preserved chinese veggie, wasn't that bad, but surely it's not the best one i tasted.

google translates @ work, on second thoughts, no!

Soup Noodles Pan Mee @ RM 5.50 for small portion and RM 7.50 for big portion.
I had the small portion and i thought it's just nice for one person. I'm guessing the bigger portion can easily feed up 2 sapiens? No? The noodles are not as springy as i would love it to be, but i guess it's acceptable, and thank god the noodles are not hard! I tasted some really bad pan mee in Puchong's hawker fanfare.

That's what you should do, treat mother nature like she's your own mom! don't let the A, B, C's go down the drain, but to your body! I'm saying bout the vitamins ya'll!

Fusionism at work, wifi at some martial art centre looking eatery, +1 now! :)

Overall, i thought the food was not really superb, but definitely acceptable. The pricing was sorta reasonable too, oh well, one should not compare this to those in hawker centres. I'm giving out slight hints that you can find cheaper and better tasting 'rui cha' around Bandar Putri, but hey, give this a go.

More info
No.9, Ground Floor, Jln Puteri 2/3, Bandar Puteri
47100 Puchong
Tel: 03 - 8063 5080