Mar 28, 2010

New Heong Kee Restaurant @ Ampang

Frequent updates, are almost an impossible thing to do at the moment. I've got 6 subjects this semester, and I tell you, the tide is definitely against me. How la? I do have time, but like I said, I only have time to do what I'm supposed to do. The extras are down the drain. I do feel slightly pressured by the way I set my goals, and what I wanna be in the next few months or so, but hey that's life. How am I gonna get through it all? I have no serious ideas, but the only answer is foooooooood. Good ol' food cooked with the most traditional of methods.

Check this out!








The bombs! Dino eggs! Whatever you wanna call it, but it sure is something really good. Relax la, that's just the teaser. More to come if you're not that lazy to keep the scroller scrolling!

kicking it off with fried glass noodles, it was pretty interesting, the texture and all, but nothing extra-ordinary.

green veggie, taste like... veggie la what else?

this is a country fish, apparently the difference between them and their city counterparts is they don't have bones. boneless fish, for real.

lol, deboned and stuff the flesh back in the skin. technically sadistic and theoretically confusing. why wanna do this to them? poor lil' thing!

sweet and sour pork. this is super, 7 fregging stars for it. damn it. 8 please!

some really funky looking bean curd, deep fried to perfection, soft in the inside, crunchy on the outside. could have been better if they serve this with some funky sauce. you know, funky sauce + funky fried stuff, they can't go wrong, no?

after 8 hours, wrapped in the most grueling and sadistic manner, in layers of soil and clay, the suffering is over. its flesh will be put into good use, we salute you, our martyr. the beggar's chicken.

so tender that even the bones fall out with the most gentle of touches, the flesh is just.. awesome?

it's larger counterpart, we call this the big fat fuck duck. look at its beak!

being chinese, the melons, or rather, the melon soup never escapes. awesome eh! sweet and just feels so at home!

The total damage for all the food above + white rice + 3 big bottles of tiger = RM 210.
DEAL OR NO DEAL!? sure deal la. wtf

waaa waaa waaa.. I can see salivas dripping all over the place. Wanna know where is this place or not? Ok la, being the responsible blogger, and flogger I'll let you know.

pretty much self explanatory, english wtf

The humble sign board along the big and busy road.

From Ampang, drive straight up pass the Shell Petrol Station and then make a U-Turn to Zoo Negara, the restaurant is located right beside Petronas, so don't drive too fast or else you'll miss it. Make your booking one day in advance too, they need 8 hours to prepare their birds, the birds.

New Heong Kee Restaurant

446, Batu 7 1/2, Jalan Ulu Klang
68000 Selangor (near Zoo Negara)
Tel: 03 - 4106 8698 , 016 - 393 2632