Feb 27, 2010

Dogma and Bullshit

and here goes, after sucha a long hiatus. haven't been blogging nevermind writing poems. brain dead, and someone please give life to it! so yea, this is gonna be my first poem written, and posted after i visited Pandora for like a few couple of months ago. the title is somehow, vulgar, but it suits the setting and all, so yea.

Dogma and Bullshit

It’s just the start,
An endless story,
Of broken hearts,
None of is loves’ glory,

It’s about a guy, who got murdered,
In the still of the night, with lawful order,
How can it be, practising cruelty?
I thought it was her, but that’s a novelty,
He wondered why, who and how?
Who dragged him into abyss of hell?
Now that he got eyes and stories to tell,
But too late she knows him too well,
This is the point of no return,
Flames and fires are free to burn,
To be executed with no conviction,
What a crime, with such desperation.

Do you understand?
When I set the stage,
The broken amends,
He got himself caged!

He walks on by, with no sets of direction,
It was purely himself, just like a drug addiction,
He know it hurts, but he just couldn’t stop,
It’s not the first, but it sure is a flop!
Now have faith in me, and have faith in love,
Putting dogmas behind, and see what’s the worth,
No one can count, nor can we trust,
It’s just statistic, not love or lust,
Now look at him, what a mess I must say,
Been dragged far too long, what a role he played!
To be one, done or even none,
Sounds like she’s just having fun!

There’s fire burning,
As curtain falls,
A scene worth mourning,
Now stop the pour!

A 3rd person narration, couldn’t be any better,
The lost translation, no it doesn’t matter,
How do I end, when I know not the start?
Not with a pen, but with a broken heart,
As I look upon the great big blue sky,
I seek for answers but in return it asked me why?
I gaze in confusion, and I asked again,
And it said, due to competition please feel the pain,
That’s no solution and I want a way out,
New life and a resurrection, how can I doubt?

It’s been said many times and many ways,
But hey this is not a story,
Polluting the divine game that we all love to play,
Now don’t mess with Gods path to glory.

Wasted 20minutes of my life ranting those words out =/

That's about it I guess, can I.. be right back again?