Jan 31, 2010

Teppan-Yaki @ Food Republic, Pavilion


You know those days, when you're lost in a concrete jungle, surrounded by glittering stars, or brands, yes, those days. You know those days when you're walking around, and you aching legs and teary eyes just wanna stop time so much! You don't wanna move on, but somehow you have to, you're left with no choice but to stop... for a good affordable meal. no paid to say so. It's Pavilion, and just when you thought nothing is affordable, at least to a poor dude like me, you're wrong! There are actually hidden gem, you just gotta seek and ask, where art thou, heavenly food?


Thankfully, my prayers were answered in no time. I saw this dude, fast moving hands, eagle sharp looking eyes, and most importantly, some good looking food cooking right in front of him.


Golden dust, was sprinkled to give out a divine 'sheesh'! What a feast to the eye, and what an enlightenment to the senses. I felt like I'm in a whole new and pure world of food, the Pandora for our tastebuds. What say you?


burps, herbal tea. go green theme is still on!


I felt like a cow, just by looking at what's in front of me at least for now, I couldn't believe how beautiful mother nature is, blessing us with wonderful plants for us to, eat? lol wtf. In no time, the crunchy and fresh looking greens went tame, and magically teleported to the aluminium foil right in front of me.


Next up, the meat replace and stood proudly where the greens once stood. It was the empire for the meat, the chick, the lamb, the beef and the fish shall all unite! United they stand on the hot grill!


But divided they fall, and served on different foils. Introducing first,

the cow, RM 17 (i think)


the lamb, RM 17 per set (i think)


and last but not least, my chick, RM 15 (i think so!)


Wholesome? No? This was running through my mind and once more, the holy grail, or grails in this case, appeared out of nowhere!


Now that's wholesome, at a reasonably good price! Just for the records, this meal wasn't free and no I wasn't paid to say nice nice words la. I'm being honest okay? okay?

How was the whole experience of dining here? First of all, you gotta wait for your seat. If you're coming with your family, neighbors and your pets, bear in mind that you might get separate loose seats. Secondly, you get to see how your food is being prepared, right in front of your very eyes! that's how its supposed to be right? The food is cooked and seasoned to perfection, at least! For the price you're paying, you'll most definitely be satisfied. If you're not, cook yourself.

It's not that hard to located this emo teriyaki Teppan-Yaki, its located in the Food Republic section, level 1 at the Pavillion. It's on the end, and if I remembered correctly, it's near the entrance where speedy video and mynews.com newstand is located.

Any landmarks or signboards? Yea why not