Jan 9, 2010

Alienware Orion Backpack, a brief look at it

Date orders placed: 30th December 2009
Date received: 9th January 2010

Was kinda busy with housekeeping, can only blog on the weekends as my Uni started already! Here I present you all with the unofficial and the most informal review of the Alienware Orion Backpack. In case you didn't know, I'm bringing this bag in to help LYN members to own it! Yes, owning a bag from outer space! Drop me a comment if you're interested in getting one for yourself. It cost RM 475 per piece. More info HERE.

Shall I start? I'll be stuffing in the Alienware M15x, the Alienware Tactx Mouse, the huge ass Alienware Tactx Headset and also the power brick.

The freshly wrapped bags all the way from the US.

The tag with information.

Alienhead zippers. It feels hard but its not metal. i'm guessing its metal zipper wrapped with plastic. good quality stuff and it won't bend no matter how hard you try.

Size comparison between the Orion Backpack and the Razer Shoulder Edition.

The chrome head glows!

The compartments from the side.

Wireless security shield compartment. Cuts off all signal to your mobile devices. tested and it took about 5 seconds for my mobile phone to regain the network coverage again.

Heavily Padded back and strap make M15x a MacBook air inside of the Orion Backpack.

Two hidden compartments behind the alienhead (one on each side), to slot in water bottle i guess. Fits the normal 500ml bottle.

The laptop compartment, fits the M15x perfectly!

The second largest compartment. I stuffed in the HUGE Tactx Headset, Tactx Mouse and the power brick. Still got ample space left for a few mouses. I believe it can fit another M15x or M17x in this compartment without a problem.

Both compartments.

The first compartment with all the tiny pockets, enough sleeves for 10 cds, your mobile phone, your music device, pens and pencils.

Everything inside.

Final Verdict?

The bag handles everything safely and trust me, there are plenty of room left. Revision books, notes and another 17" laptop, this bag got no problem handling them! Even if I'm rich enough to get another laptop, all I need is just ONE bag, and its the Orion Backpack. It's spacious and it's made of high quality ballistic nylon. Sounds damn high tech right? lol. And oh, the zippers are at the highest qualities as well. By far the best bag I'd ever owned. You pay for the quality.

Drop me a comment if you're interested :)