Dec 26, 2009

Restoran Anggrek Kuring, Indonesian Food @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

I shall make it clear again, I'm not a flogger. It just happen that, I'm surrounded by pretty nice food recently. I'm pretty much a true Malaysia. Just like any good Malaysian, makan and rasuah is a must. Furthermore, coming from the little food/glutton town of Ipoh, I take my food seriously, as in, seriously. I have one believe that the best white coffee can only be tasted in Ipoh. It's not the coffee powder that matters, but everything plays a big role in brewing the perfect cup of white coffee. The people and the place made Ipoh White Coffee, Ipoh's, no?

Anyway, I shall not be drifting too far away, this post ain't about powders or coffee beans, it's about food, Indonesian Food. Yup, Indonesia, the land of Peterpan, no no no, not the cartoon, the band. Peterpan. I'm not crossing the border to get a taste of the good ol' Indon food, we have it right here in Malaysia! 1Malaysia, 1Asia, anyone? Mehhh.. I'm running outta juice, so you know the drill. Scroll down, and set the beast inside you free, free, FREE!

It's pretty easy to locate, behind of Papa Rich, opposite of Maybank in Bandar Puteri.


straight to the point menu, no?

cantiknya lampu ni.. with those old school piping lagi

es merah delima @ RM 5.90
its something like a cross between nutmeg, coconut milk + rose syrup. reads "ass meh-rar the-lee-mah"

nasi timbel @ RM 3.00
white rice steamed in banana leaf, tasted like normal white rice.

kinda fluffy with no extra fragrant despite wrapped in banana leaves

ayam panggang khas @ RM 8.90
special roasted chicken, this is good. the meat's succulent and tender. thumbs up!

my bad, there are a few tables occupied, but i didn't wanna capture them. to make things clear, this place got business one okay. all my reviews here are very honest, i'm not trying to trick you to eat in some dead makan place. lol

nasi ayam kalasan set @ RM 18.90
it's like a platter, consisting of crackers, fiery hot sambal belacan, white rice, fried chicken, grilled squid, bean curd and potato ball. it's recommended by the waiter and to be honest, it's just okay. won't make you go ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga, it's like a bit of everything in it.

mehh, can see the potato ball?

gado-gado @ RM 12.90
'fight fight', no? it's like crackers, kangkung, bean curd, boiled eggs, bean sprouts, nuts and tempe, all mixed up and united with some nutty sauce. it tasted abit like, pasembor (the indian rojak) but at the same time, it's like soaking up vege's in satay sauce. it's kinda good, try it to believe it. might not suit the tastebuds of the majority though, i think.

check out the consistency of the peanut sauce.

east meets west, can see or not? lol

i'm 2 months late, but i'm still sorta early! if you know what i mean. this place is even officiated by the Indonesian Ambassador, but i wonder if he will ever drop by for a meal or two. Duta Besar Luar Biasa = Extra Ordinary Big Ambassador.

the potato ball says hi.

Restoran Anggrek Kuring Indonesian Food
No. 60, Jalan Puteri 5/5,
Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Reservation: 03 - 8062 8050
F: 03 - 8062 8106

And oh btw, it's Anggrek Kuring, not Anggerik Kuning, or Anngrik Kuring. Oh wait, maybe i'm just dumb.