Dec 2, 2009

meet the EMO side of me!


I am Elmo Very-Yucky Wincent! ^^
Nice to meet eu~ LMAO XD
I'm elmo but my bloggie sounds very happyxxx!
My lappie is blackie in colorxx!
Blackie and white is my color i need more colorxx in my life~ LMAO
I elmo becuz I use alot of red!
I am who ayam, don't duckin' judge me!! LMAO~ XDDDDD
get out of my life and leave my elmo bloggie and life alone!

p/s: thanks to kevin for inspiring this post indirectly XXOO~
p/s again: thanks to all the elmo ppl, i lub u~
p/s again and again: i am elmo, duck you cookie monster~

Ugh, pardon me. That is in some weird language. It's encoded in an "emo" define emo you poser who accuses others as errrr fakers? now that's a rolling on floor laughing situation and yet filled me HAHAs and HEHEs and LMAOs language? If you manage to decode it, tell me. I wanna know. I wanna learn how to be a real emo, no puns intended. Meh, child's play!

Somebody kill me, I find joy in doing shits like this!

Transmission Ends.