Dec 11, 2009

HP Future Is

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Long before...... or rather, after dinosaurs extincted, men explored the universe, wheels first rolled and doughnuts first fried, I saw this opportunity, to be a prophet, to get visions of the future, what the future might be... what the future is (in a deep voice with epic sounding music playing on the background)...


I walked with no directions, no GPS, pardon me, it's 1878, I meant the compass. I was lost in a big jungle made of concrete. I was tired, but I know I have a destiny to be fulfilled. I let my senses took over me, and I found a moving elevator that leads me to the 8th floor. I hesitated as I was warned about the stairway to heaven by Led Zeppelin, but no, I have to trust myself this time.


I saw, I came, and I got conquered. I couldn't believe that my senses was right. I saw these...


I asked them, "Where am I? And what is the future?" I was shocked that the only answer they gave was.. "Future Is...Over Easy". I asked them if they could tell me more, but unfortunately, that was the answer given to me each and every single time I asked. I repeated 34235 times but I wasn't ready to bow down, and so I seek help.

I approached them, but I was ignored...


... and here I was ignored once again


I saw a big ball floating, I shouted for it to come down and to guide me, but no, even the gigantic floating ball ignored me.


I wasn't happy, and I was about to give up (slow and sad violin tunes in the background) ... I heard someone calling me over, I look up, and I saw Rootz. It must have been a sign, without wasting my time I walked over and I was told to check if I'm listed to enter the exclusive sacred venue of Rootz. I knew it's gonna be something big and massive, if such authorization is needed before I can proceed into the venue.


I stepped into a tunnel of time, with endless reflections of glasses, and it leads me to a room filled with other prophets or rather, the chosen onesssssss, to witness what the future is...


Once again, I was sidelined, everyone was busy with their big and bulky camera...


and also playing around with some devices they held with in their hands...


I decided to do a little bit of exploration on my own... and this is the data I collected with my greyscale eye balls.


The HP Touch Smart PC


... with the wide input and output options


... even the back of the screen is 'touchable'


The HP Pavilion PC


The HP Mini 5101


HP Envy 15


HP Mini by Studio Tord Boontje


The HP ProBook 5310m


HP Pavilion DM3


Those gadgets or machines or robots sure do look very advanced to me. I'd never in my life seen anything that makes noise, displays crystal clear images and videos, and yet they're so stylish and sleek. I was about to lose my cool and shout, but! I was cooled down by a glass of fresh fruit juice. (tribal music playing in the background)


Not long after that, a young, tall and handsome gentlemen took centre stage, he is no other than Will Quah. With his crisp and clear voice, you'll be glad he's the one preaching, or rather, speaking in this sacred gathering.


Out of nowhere, 5 good looking men and women stormed right in front of me, and sat down directly in front of where I was sitting...


... I got really excited and I fell off the seat, and to my surprise, another 2 fine looking successful men were right in front of me. As I lifted my head, this is the exact image caught with my greyscale eyes balls.


In my mind I was thinking, who could be these 7 person be? They sure looked good. smart and intelligent, am I in another planet? Before I have time to confuse myself even more, one of the fine looking men was summoned to stage to deliver the opening speech. He is no other than Mr. Danny Lee, Country General Manager , Personal Systems Group, Hewlett-Packard(M) Sdn Bhd.


I was awed and proud with the facts that Mr. Danny spoke about, we in Asia are one of the powerhouse when it comes to technology. As soon as Mr.Danny left the stage, the 5 pretty and good looking men and women invaded the stage. I believe one of the panels, Kenny Sia was taking about "tissues and technology".


... and I fell down again, under the influence of alcohol...


... and it seems like a pretty bad fall! The panels noticed it, and I thought I was gonna kicked out... but I was wrong!(p/s: i didn't really fell, trying to make it epic... fail.)


One of the panels, Joyce Wong had a little trouble with her microphone, and Will Quah was quick to the rescue and that explains why he shifted coordinates, to be on the other side of the stage.


The discussion about the future, with Q and A sessions, enlighten me a lot (I wouldn't go into the detail), the thoughts and experienced shared by the 5 panels were priceless. I wasn't sure of how the future will be, but this sacred gathering did light up a few bulbs in me. Before the panels left the stage, they managed to do a little bit of dance for us as well (actually no).


Next in line to take the centre stage, a closing speech by Mr. Low Sin Yip, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Director, Microsoft Malaysia. His singing skill was pretty good speech was a simple and gave us the idea of the directions of Microsoft in Malaysia. I'm one step closer in revealing what the future is..


I was shocked once again, when the lights went out. I don't know what went wrong but I'm pretty sure that the lights went out when Mr. Danny and Mr. Low touched the magical crystal ball together.


The lights magically turned on again accompanied by magical and colorful confetti filled the room. With all these magical things going on, the Blog-A-Trend contest is officiated. I was told that Blog-A-Trend is where bloggers will be blogging about what the future trend is with many sub categories of ideas to guide us. And by saying contest, there will obviously be prizes and the prizes can't go wrong when you have Microsoft and HP as the organizers.


Everyone loves taking pictures, and these 5 panels are no different, I managed to capture them with my HD greyscale eye balls. Tell me what you think.


.. and I caught this as well, our lovely emcee.


The bells rung, and it's time to move on. The only exit is through the tunnel of time again. With my enlightened mind, and the ability to foresee the future, I can finally add some colors to my life. This event truly gave me a better sight and to prepare myself for the future, with colors! I'm no longer 1878, it's 2045 now!


My last look at the sacred venue's entrance...


... as I slowly walked away...


The End
(no doraemons were harmed during all the time travel journeys)


I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and thanks to Hewlett Packard Malaysia for the wonderful goodies given to the participants. I would also like to say thank you to Nuffnang and Microsoft Malaysia for inviting Simply Unfashionable to this exclusive event. Thank you :)

and oh, not forgetting the 5 wonderful bloggers/panels. (striking the S.U pose)

Cynthia from

Kenny Sia from

Red Mummy from

Jojo Struys from

Joyce Wong from

Future is... OVER EASY!
...and yes those banners were right!

hints: we might not be typing with our hands in the future, wait, what typing?