Dec 14, 2009

early christmas present from tmnet, streamyx

Hello, I'm Nicholas. I prank all the contacts in my Live Messenger list by annoyingly popping up and down every 10 minutes without fail. I'm the bugger that bugs you every single time I signed in and out. I am the one you talk to 5 seconds ago and without any notice, I just pops away, and surprise you again later and does my popping crap all over again. You'll never get enough of me, just like Streamyx will never get enough complains.



8 minutes later, fml, and this process repeats itself every 10-15 minutes for 24 hours a day. fyl2


I find it rude sometimes to leave without saying goodbye, virtually and in reality. I'd been suffering this dropping internet connection syndrome for more than 1 week now. I thought it was fair to give them sufficient time to do what they're supposed to do. Could be upgrading, or maybe they're performing some sort of maintenance or shits like that. They/Them = tmnut tmnet.

I patiently waited for 7 fregging days, and gave them a call to tell them the shits I'm getting from them. As usual, questions like...

How can I address you sir?
What's the Screamyx Streamyx account holder name?
What happened?
Is your modem working?
Is the ADSL light winking blinking at a constant rate?

Okay, acceptable.

To my surprise, he even asked me questions like..

Are you using a DLink modem?
What's your favorite channel on Astro?

Okay, made up the Astro crap. The guy advised me, gave me a few guidelines, and I'll try my best to re-type every single word he said.

"ok sir, now what you can do is, try connecting using direct cable, and don't use wireless. please don't please don't as dia punya radio wave will give you bad bad brain cancers. so for the mean time, use direct cable. i will try to reset your connection settings here from KL, and hopefully it will be alright. turn off your modem for at least 15 minutes so i have enough masa to bancuh coffee and get donuts and hopefully nasi lemak from the mak cik across the road under the bridge beside the longkang. i'll reset everything lah once i get all my stuff done. if after all that, your problem still repe.. exis.. repiti.. masih ulang lagi, as in your line asyik cut off cut off cut off again and again and again again again, don't worry, call us again. we'll be happy to help you again. if everything else fails, we'll be happy to give you an early christmas present. we will send you a limited edition purple color gunting. so it's easier for you to potong us away. is there anything else i can help you sir? if that's all, you turn off your modem now and i shall start bancuh my coffee now. have a nice day!"

That's roughly what he said, but with a lil extra words here and there to make it interesting lame. Now for the serious part, gonna really make the cut by this weekend. Gonna be switching to some other broadband services, any sponsors? I might get lost be missing in action a few days. So long Screamyx!

What say you?
To be fair, I never really had any bad experience with them before this. Maybe they found out that I'll be switching soon, or maybe this could just be an early Christmas present from them. Disconnects me every 10 minutes.
You want one?
TmNet Rocks!

p/f/s: i have to wait for 3 re-connections to publish this. mlig