Nov 20, 2009

professional make up service @ ipoh by Ms. Renie Wong

You got a dinner to attend? a party to let loose?

... but you have not the right make up skills? Worry no more, and leave it to the pro!

Here's the deal for you folks.. er.. girls.. mehhh... guys and girls around Ipoh or anywhere nearby.

Deal or no deal? Sure deal lahh.. where to find such professional service with a reasonable price? More over, she uses Maybelline, L'Oreal, Office and Artistry Cosmetics for her clients. And for your information, Artistry is the top 5 cosmetic brands in the universe! The entire fucking universe you know! This is confirmed lahh until NASA discovers aliens that have their own cosmetic brands. But honestly arr I don't think alien make up will be any better than the one you get from pasar malam. So what you waiting for, what you waiting for? Faster jot down the number lahh.. you never know which friend of yours getting married tomorrow, or which auntie of yours organizing a pornprom. If you wanna look leng leng for the big dinner or evening out, you mesti get this service lahh.. unbeatable make up service with unbeatable price!

I'm sure you don't wanna look like this right!

RM 35 for the evening / dinner make up, die die also I DEAL lahhh!

Not only she provide you with make up services, but she also teaches YOU how to make yourself beautiful without risking putting a monkey ass on your face! How cool is that? Normally if walk or jump or fly into any academy, they will buta buta charge you RM 400+. That one also minimum! Haven't kira if you wanna add this and that. You know the drill lahh, go KFC also got tax go toilet also they charge you 30 cents! Here's another deal for you all, Renie only charges you...

RM 350 nett for the WHOLE COURSE!! DEAL OR NO DEAL? Sure DEAL lahh! No deal!? Okay, giving you more details, sure deal one!

The whole professional personal make up course includes:

  • nude make up
  • day make up
  • night/dinner make up
  • smokey eyes
  • eyebrows trimming
  • shadings + highlighting
*all cosmetics are provided during the course
*appointment basis

Deal or No Deal? Again NO DEAL? Don't so stubborn lahh... Got more goodies, scroll down!

If you take up this course, you will be entitled to get 1 set of Artistry Cosmetics Brushes worth RM 81, free of charge! Who say free things got no good things arr?!


top 5 prestige cosmetic brand in the universe! don't play play can?

with this kinda offer at such reasonable price, sure DEAL LAHHH! Faster say thanks to your future si fu Ms.Renie, for treating us so good. Don't read anymore, jot down the number! If you're lazy, then here you go!

Ms. Renie Wong aka yoon shin :)
016 - 411 4145

big enough ar? lol