Nov 9, 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

Dell and Nuffnang? Wait a minute, collaborating.. blogging.. notebooks.. contest.. free? Ahhh, sounds good to me, really so very good. Now what's the catch?

Contest Mechanics
  1. Submit a blog post about how you treat yourself in life and why Dell Inspiron 13 would be a perfect treat for you.
  2. The post must mention the following points:
  • What you wish to treat yourself or what you have treated yourself in the past
  • Why Dell Inspiron 13 is your next dream treat

I never know that good great things in life comes with no price to pay! Blogging is the new currency it seems. I'm pretty much a simple and humble creation of God, that defines the word 'treat' differently. To me, its all about the number of smiles that I get to see from people around me. What makes you happy, is a treat to me!

The first :)


Where would I be without all the wonderful people around me? This bunch of crazy people makes you cry and laugh at the same time! Being around my friends and lecturers are almost like, being around with your brothers and sisters. The unconditional love and support, is a 'treat' not only to me, but to everyone. Best of all, how much did I paid to be around this great people? Well, nothing. They say the best things in life are the things money can't buy.

job well done by my senior ;)

the author 'knighted' as the next president of the IT club

the two old chaps apple biting contest, maybe a kiss or two as well

The second :)


A trip to a local favorite spot, to cool things down. How good can things get, when you spend so little, you get to enjoy mother nature at its best, and the list goessssss on! We don't need to travel the seven seas to have the best holidays, we have it all here, right here in Malaysia!


If you ask me what's a vacation like, I would say vacation is something where you, yourself and your travel mates put aside all the pressures in life and set the animal inside of you free!

homemade bollywood horror flick?

The third :)

genting 2

City of Entertainment. See, I told you we have everything in Malaysia. Even our very Las Vegas! But no, a trip right after my finals examinations up the hill is the perfect getaway, or rather the perfect 'treat' for me. Accompanied by my juniors in college, I have to say this low-cost and highly-entertaining trip could not... I have not the right word to use, but it was plain fun and fun and more fun.


Cold weather for cool people, mind me for being so vain. Anyway, the only 'trick' in this 'treat'... well you gotta watch the video below!

no one was hurt during the horrible 'shooting'

The fourth :)


I spent most of my teenage years, whacking balls to the wall. Yes, I was a squash state player and I'm currently coaching the Perak Junior Squash team. I'm looking for someone to disagree with me, isn't it a happy thing to see kids smiling and having fun while keeping themselves healthy? I'm not a parent, but I can tell you that I'm very satisfied with my squash career.


Biting the gold medal? Now that's a real 'treat'! Nothing feels better than to win a competition, what's more being crowned the Champion of the Boys category in the Malaysian Games (SUKMA) in the year 2006? I felt blessed to have a high end to my career as a squash player, and that now I'm a coach for my beloved state of Perak. That's killing two birds with one stone.

un-squash like games at the squash courts ==== fun ;)

the 4 'treats' in my life, might sound a little too boring for you... yea, I thought of it too... nevertheless, those are the key moments in my life that made me who I am today. By saying that, those are stuff that I treated myself and my surrounding in the past... I think, I need something new... but what is it?


something that will keep me connected to the world...

keep scrolling..

something that gives me a wider view and perspective in life...

scroll... and smile

something that will give me more power to multi-task...

a lil more work out for your fingers...

something with outer beauty, and inner strength...

scroll scroll...

I think I'm pretty sure I found the fifth 'treat' in my life! It's no other than the...

the fifth :DDD


Why you ask? What more can I ask for with this rich and fun packed 13" laptop? The answer is everything, from Hi-Def entertainment and Wi-Fi connectivity, how balance can this sleek 'treat' in an unbalanced world? Comes with 3 chic and modern colors, and an unmatched system for its size, how can you say no these babies? Now this is what I call "Beauty with loads and heaps of brains in it!". What's more perfect than to have this beauty storing images and videos because I get to share them with a superb display and powered by a ATI Radeon™ HD 4330 graphics card and and and did I mentioned bout the HDMI port? This will allow me to share them directly on my High-Def display monitors or tv!

Remember how I mentioned earlier bout seeing smiles is a treat to me? I'm gonna give something to smile about right now and I hope that I'll be the one smiling too when the winners of this contest is announced!! :D

Smile before you keep scrolling, I'll be treating you to something really special from Dell... keep scrolling okay? I promise you it's a treat, not a trick. Halloween's over!

You know the drill, keep scrolling!

I know you're getting a lil' annoyed, haha, so here you go:
Fancy having a Dell Inspiron 13(S510701MY) yourself? Here's the 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3 coupon code that you can use to get RM100 instant cash redemption if you buy online at or by calling 1-800-0301. Be quick though, coupons expiring on the 10th of November, so hurry up!

Man, I had heaps of fun doing this entry!

Dear Dell, could you make my Christmas come a lil more early?