Oct 26, 2009

tips: the traits of someone pathetic

This self improvement blog post is proudly brought to yousuckers by Simply Unfashionable. I'm desperately trying to sound like a genius, some sort of divine being, un-flawed, halo, and wings attached. You know you sorta get pathetic or at least people who are, desperate for attentions all around you. Be it your friends or your family. People like this really pissed me off, mind me. Rephrase. People like this, just makes me wanna go to hell every time I see them, hear them, and the lists goes on and on and on and yawn. Full freaking stop. Anyway, here I present you with a list of stuff that you should not do, if you don't wanna be one of those pathetic creations of God. A-men.

Ha and has

  1. Stop giving yourself Japanese names, even if you have drip of Japanese blood or ear wax in you. If you're Richard Chan, keep it that way. You ain't Sukiyaki Richard Chan-kun Konichiwa Kimchi. Kimchi's a bonus from Korea.
  2. Scene kids, get your scene right. Emo, goth, punk, whatever it is, get it RIGHT. Just because you're a metrosexual, doesn't make you an emo. Just because you haven't sleep for days or years, that doesn't make you a goth either. Those eye bags.
  3. Combination of the first 2 points. Japanese names don't go well with scene elements. For example, Toyota Punkhead, Goth Sashimi, or Emo Teppanyaki. Sounds wrong and lame right?
  4. Study Facebook. It's a social networking site. Not a place to place your whole schedule. The world don't need to know what's going on with your, life? If you have one.
  5. Black, red and white. My type of colors, so don't overdo it. Else I'll take your life.
  6. Friendster. Okay, nothing is really wrong with it. But since pathetic people can't live without it, it's in the list.
  7. Deleting 'friends' off your list. What's the logic behind this? You add strangers to your friends' list, and delete off your real friends. Mind me, the word friends here define people that you really know in your real life. Once again, if you have one. For example, you're 19, you have 100 friends from the opposite sex who are at least, I repeat, at least 4 years younger than you. It's either you're a celebrity, or a whore.
  8. Blogging theme. Travel blogs are meant to be about places, food blogs for food, photography blogs for photos, and the list goes on. One thing's for sure, having a black background with white wordings and red capitalizations with additional lame symbols made smileys.. hold your breath, doesn't make your blog a depressed and emo sounding one. Not even one bit. Especially when you go LMAO, ROFL, LOL and freaking highlighted them in red. Look away for a sec, I'm about to smile like an emo retard ---> XD
  9. Quotes. You see, sometimes this kinda shit can either make you or break you. So choosing one that suits you is really really important. Be prepared to get criticized, and don't answer with the same damn line/quote if you wanna sound cooler every single time. Get it? For example, if you're a fan of Slipknot, kindly use this quote, "Don't belong, don't exist, don't give a shit, don't ever judge me!". If you're a maggot, you should know what I'm talking about. However, if you're not, use it wisely. I have suggestions, use this. "I'm broken, fix me". Simple and humble enough mate!

I hope you're still reading this line, with your eyes wide open. You might find it informative, sarcastic, interesting or plain total semi digested bullshit.

That's life, you're nothing but a skeletal wreck of man surviving on the big black book.