Oct 11, 2009

Restoran Same Taste

Been slacking and not updating, I know! There'll be a couple food post coming up. I think. Anyway, there's this new or rather, they just shifted to a new location restaurant that serves a very limited choices of dishes. From the outside, you might think that it's some chinese restaurant that serves anything imaginable to us. But boy how wrong can you get? They're specialist, at least that's what they say, in cooking seafood. Therefore, they seem to cook stuff like fish and crabs. Don't be surprise if the waiter or waitress gives you a 'no' or a frustrated face when you ask if your favorite dish is available. Sit back, relax and order whatever that are recommended. Oh ya, their old shop was situated on the same row of shop lots where the Bercham Public Bank is located.

same taste, forever the same aye? not gonna improve?

my american fix

sorta packed at around 7pm

only 2 types of veges are available, only 1 way to get it served.

steamed herbal kampung chicken

the tasted-so-darn-good assam sting ray. it's very nice i have to say

the vandalized chicken and ray. one word, fresh

That meal was for 3 person and trust me, the amount of food can serve up to 4-5 people. Overall, the food was good, especially the sting rays. Their definitely not stingy as big chunks of rays are served alongside a handful of other veges such as tomatoes, onions, and okra. The chicken meat is tender and there's a hint of chinese cooking wine in it which is always a bonus. The meal cost less than RM 50 if I'm not wrong. Will definitely revisiting this place really soon.

It's pretty easy to locate this eatery, from the Bercham Tesco Extra, drive down straight and go pass the Mobil Petrol Station. Keep an eye on the shop lots on your left. Spot the Shell Petrol Station and turn left and you're there!