Oct 14, 2009

Hawaiian Rave Beach Party 2009, Ipoh

Do you like to party?

Do you like to have fun on the beach?

Do you like to party on the beach?

If you answered YES, then you'll be drop dead happy to find out that there will be...

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SUNWAY Beach Party Poster

It is organized by SCREAM, the student council and representatives of Sunway College Ipoh to the students and also the public. Fairly priced at RM 25 for students and RM 50 for the public respectively.

It's 10 days from now, and what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a ticket and hold on tight as the Hawaiian Rave will bring out the party animal in YOU! Chics and hunks alike will have the Lost World Theme Park all by themselves. The hot spring and the beach will be available for free usage as well. Not forgetting loads and loads of great food, fantastic games, and heaps of fun too waiting for everyone.

Now tell me,
What are you waiting for?

For more tickets, reservations and information, contact
Ms. Emily Soon @ 016 - 596 9300

note: sun blocks are not provided