Sep 16, 2009

Slipknot 10th Anniversary Special Edition and DDG's Hot n' Heavy arrived!

Today is 16th of September. First and foremost, Happy Malaysia Day. Remember this post, here? Well, no one responded! Haha. Anyway, glad that the stuff I ordered came in good shape. At least the cd case for DDG is still in good shape, unlike the last time I ordered 3 DDG cds from, the case were literally crushed. Cheers to It was a bit earlier than I expected. I thought I'll be receiving them next week or something. This is gonna be random post sharing shots of the stuff I got, and I hope to get you influenced as well. lol.

DDG's Hot n' Heavy spent around 12 days inside this box.

USPS, wowed me!

bursting the bubbles.
DDg (2)

what is hot, and what is heavy?
DDg (3)

if only the 11.99 is in Malaysian Ringgit. lol
DDg (4)

pretty artwork, no?

this is typical emo/scene music booklet. read that, EMO piece of crap.
DDg (1)

ahhh, here comes the 9 men in mask and in a metal case and in a box.

thank you from HotTopic? haha

WOAHHHHH. jaws dropped.

a lil peek, yea it's the real deal.

on the right

on the left, genuine merchandise, no?

XL, the size of shirt they gave me. I asked for S, thank you HotTopic.

WHOAAA. was in awe, seriously.

the so-called hidden compartment.

WHOAAAA again. patch, beanie, keychain, stencil and collectors cards? haha

the beanie

the stencil template, should I stain my squash racket with this?

oh yea, you can lock this baby up too.

"come play dying", the exact same picture with the same words from the cd 10 years ago.

.. but the cd looked abit different this time around.

the dvd with documentaries, video clips and a full concert in, somewhere in Europe.

behind the cd, the first look from Slipknot. clown's the classic.

the sleeve that holds the booklet, quote that.

25 songs in 1 cd, haha.

marketing in practice!

meet Mr.Taylor.

fancy this sticker? I guess it comes with every order from HotTopic. lol

Pretty satisfied with the way stuff are being handled by HotTopic. Like I said earlier, handled cds really badly. The packaging method they used at Towers are not meant for international postage. One thing for potential online shoppers, paying extra for your shipping will certainly ensure that your stuff will come in a piece, not pieces. I'll be certainly returning to HotTopic for more stuff, all because its kinda hard to get the stuff I want in Malaysia. Are there any one willing to bring in this kinda stuff? Metal and emo/scene music cds and merch. Oh yea, I get people asking me how much I spent for the Slipknot box set and DDG's Hot n' Heavy. It cost me around RM 400. You do the maths, converted from US dollars.

Final say, HotTopic means good deal.