Sep 4, 2009

Slipknot 10th Anniversary Special Edition


Slipknot, a band where any true headbangers will definitely heard of before. Maybe some maggots went away because they went a lil too 'mainstream', but maggots come and go, and i'm pretty sure that Vol:3 and All Hope Is Gone has won the hearts of many kids and punks. Slipknot has been around for more than 10 years, if M.F.K.R is considered as their debut album. But it seems like their self titled album, Slipknot was made the debut album, maybe for the major label they were with (and still is the same) and the stable line up that keep banging steels. For that, 1999 was considered the 'official' year where Slipknot was borned. Maintaining the same (sic) 9 halloween masked men, one might wonder how the hell they managed to survive as one till today? 4 albums and 10 years after.

Breaking records are no new things for this 9 headbangers, records had gone gold, platinum and even double platinum, quite a feat for such a heavy band ain't it? Ups and downs are a common thing in the music industry, and it is no difference in the metal scene. Even to a band like Slipknot, they do give the maggots a few scare here and there. With rumors that the band is on a hiatus, and even rumors such as the band is splitting up as the members are more comfortable with their side projects. Stone Sour, Murderdolls, Dirty Little Rabbits, DJ Starscream to name a few. Diversity at its best.

Till today, they're still here, even great tracks after great tracks. Feeding the hungry maggots with more deadly riffs and insane drumbeats, and a slight change of style with guitar solos by Mick and James. People might think that Slipknot is experimenting with different styles, or some might even think that they're forced to do more commercialized music, but hell no. Shawn @ Clown said that it is how they evolve and express themselves through all the pain and experiences they gained. Deja vu, perhaps?

Enough of evaluations and history, here's the deal. On the 9th of September 2009, Slipknot will be re-release the self titled debut album, and this time demos and unreleased tracks will be in the record as well. To be honest, I thought there are few familiar tracks that they did include in the special edition of the first album. Screw it, nevermind. Not only that, you'll also get a bonus DVD with a documentary directed by Shawn @ Clown titled at of the (sic): Your Nightmares, Our Dreams. Everything will be packed in a metal case and in addition, collector stickers, patch, beanie, tee shirt, key chains, stencils and a few more surprises adds a few more smiles to us, the maggots. This has to be a must have item if you're truly a Slipknot Fan. It is a lil pricey, but who cares? It's limited, and stocks will be out really soon I supposed.

For us in Malaysia, it will cost at around RM 377 excluding shipping cost.

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