Sep 23, 2009

Restoran Hong Kee Tim Sum, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Remember this post? I've been seeing in blogs that Axian's Dim Sum is a lil' overrated and the quality of the food is just average. In other words, there could be better dim sum's around. Wait a minute, there's one located just right around the corner, visible and not that far away from Axian's Dim Sum. I see people flooding the place, I see streams of trays after trays serving the hungry gluttons, I smell food, I see... Hong Kee Tim Sum!

mind me, call if you're interested in renting the shops above. there ain't no delivery service here. Baywatch corner. haha.

look at the crowd, it's a hit and run affair here!

see what i see? Axian's is a few steps away.

steaming buns and anything that are sinfully 'healthy', sucking fingers?

the fried stuff, fresh stuff. uhmm..

i started off with this, longan with jelly?

the miniature egg tarts, much better than Axian's i have to say. the pastry is less greasy, thumbs up.

they look healthier too. haha.

wu kok. yam something. the outer part is u light crust of yam paste, i think.

steaming hot, filled with some sweet and savory meat.

i have no idea what this is. but it's made from chicken, i think.

deep fried prawn wrap? haha, sounded really wrong .basically it's prawn wrapped in some wanton like thingy and deep fried to crisp.

some deep fried thingy with some kinda meat. no idea.

i'm pretty sure this is siew mai. one of the most well known dim sum of all time.

and introducing siew mai's brother, the har gao, prawn dumpling. fresh and kickass prawn wrapped in a thin slice of translucent rice flour wrap. and steamed to perfection.

the flash light got over excited. i forgot what this is, looks like hash brown, but i think its some salad fried crap.

another variation of the har gao. this time with some funky green leaves inside. it's ok lah

look at those funky green stuff.

yet another funky version of siew mai, this time it comes with pumpkin.i think this is called 'kam kua mai', which translates to pumpkin dumpling. i could be wrong though.

the all time king of dim sum, i guess. char siew pao. roasted sweet pork in steam buns. the size of the bun here is a lil bigger compared to Axian's, and to be honest, i think they're somewhat similar.

no, the one here is much better!

loh mai kai. glutinous rice with chicken. i can say that this one is, not that bad also lah.

chinese tea for everyone.

iced tea for myself. haha. cheers peeps!

Location? Check out the post about Axian's and see the map right at the end of that post. Locate Axian, and you should have no problem locating Hong Kee Tim Sum.