Sep 12, 2009


Finally started writing again, and I doubt that this is even good. Just thought of writing something not long ago, and ended up scribbling this up. Anyway, sharing it with everyone just to show to you all how rusty I am now. Simply titled at


Do you know what you call this?
When you’re alone,
With no one around,
There’s something that you really miss,
The muted phone,
In all but a perfect tone.

It was a breezy night away,
With no company but the blowing wind,
And stars are up above beyond my mortal reach,
If I could only say,
Loving you is the biggest sin,
What else life can ever teach?

I gazed down below to see flowers blooming,
Waves after waves hitting the sandy beach,
I asked myself “can love be this beautiful?”,
As I spun around to witness loves’ withering,
I wonder if emotions can be easily ditched,
How I wish it can be that wonderful.

We thought the world was square,
We thought the sky was blue,
But how wrong can we get when science says it all,
You never think that I’ll be there,
You never think that I’ll be waiting for you,
But it is in the name of love that I will soon fall.

I can’t seem to find the perfect voice,
To say the words that I want to hear,
I can’t seem to find the perfect eyes,
To see with sincerity and without fear,
I can’t seem to find the perfect soul,
To fill me just like you did dear.

I don’t care how much it hurts,
I just want my feelings to be heard,
Now allow to say these three words,
I love you,
And I’ll always do.