Aug 11, 2009

Cafe Takahashi, Kinta City Ipoh

Tuesday, 11th August. I pretty much spent alot of time with people who are celebrating their birthdays. Today is no different. So, not disclosing anything else not because I'm lazy, but because I don't usually bitch blog about long winded stories. I just prefer to go directly to what I wanna say. Speaking of simply unfashionable eh? I paid a visit to Cafe Takehashi in Kinta City Ipoh, after reading a blog post at motormouth's. I'd never been there before before the visit lahh, but based on motormouth's blog post, this new and modern looking cafe boast a menu full of fusion food. Italian and Japanese, most likely. As daring as it seems, it is surely a big gamble for the owners, but who cares? For now, it's a gamble for my tastebuds.

Locate K-Box Karaoke, and your senses will lead you to this place, a lil' bit of Tokyo and maybe Rome. Kinta City aren't that big, a lil' exercise won't harm you eh?

highlighted in white, I have no idea what is written. The one in chinese lahh

the big four, mr.kenny tan was there helping out the staff.

It's time for something new, a cuppa of a not-that-bad white coffee, Takahashi White Coffee RM 4.90. Imported japanese coffee beans roasted to perfection, brewed to...nah, for a local ipohan to judge a cup of white coffee, i don't think it's a fair affair. But i can say the coffee is quite good.

Sky juice with a slice of lemon or two? Topped with mint, served with ice.

she says take a closer look, bubbles are in it. Lemon Soda RM 6.90 and it is tasteless! She expected for the soda to be of the sweet carbonated soda, but turns out that the soda could be, i said could be, sparkling mineral water. Who knows, so order at own risk.

Behold the great teriyaki... pardon me. A lil' too epic to this blog post. A not-so-well presented plate of Chicken Teriyaki Spaghetti RM 14.90. The pasta was... description on next image. The chicken was tender, and well marinated. I don't know if the chicken was marinated for hours or are they dipped into the sauce before cooking it? Ugh, pardon me, enlighten me!

Eggy, soggy, crispy and garlicky. That pretty much sums of the texture and flavours involved in this plate of pasta. Introducing Chicken Cutlet and Egg Spaghetti RM 14.90. The egg was eggy, the eggy sauce soggy, the chicken crispy, and the pasta garlicky. I seriously have no idea how to describe how the pasta tasted, mind me, i thought of wasabi, but then she said it was garlic and she hated it. haha, sad but true, the spaghetti here are overpowered with such strong garlicky taste, even a garlic lover would consider hating them. Look at the egg below, erhem, pardon me. Look at the image of the egg below, inviting, no?

teriyaki chicken! double posting the image because i find the name funny and i'm lifeless.

a birthday and a pizza, birthday pizza instead of a cake? They're both round and comes in slices, so it's the thought that counts eh? haha

this is... Scallop and Prawn Pizza RM 24.90.

pizza cutting ceremony begins... the scent of the cheese... it was.. so strong... the prawns... fresh from the sea citation needed... the scallops.. bounce around in your mouth just like squash balls.

first slice up, and her hands was shaking due to my slowness in getting the camera ready to snap this priceless "pizza hut commercially look-alike" scene. look at those prawns swimming in a sea of cheese!

okay, honestly i find this a tad too weird. The pizza, they're too cheesy for my liking. It's like they used some crazily song and intense cheese to make the pizzas here. One thing's for sure, the crust is not bad at all. They are thin, and crispy. It sorta balanced it out, the toppings are very strong and intense, and the crust are just plain and light. If you're a rat hardcore cheese eater, you gotta have the pizzas here. It's different so give it a go won't you?

As I mentioned at the start of the post, one of the 'big fours', Mr.Kenny Tan was there. He was nice enough to serve up a tall glass of hot green tea. Yea, read that again. It means, one tall glass of hot green tea. I have no idea why he only served one, since I was there with another person, economies playing its role perhaps. Anyway, couldn't complain much as it was complimentary. I do appreciate eateries that practices such polite gestures to its customers. It just makes me feel at home, i mean so at home. I think i'll be returning here to try out the other stuff. They looked interestingly intense and the fusion concept kept me wanting more. So till then...

p/s: i ain't a flogger.