Aug 4, 2009

Axian Dim Sum, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Was in Puchong last week, and woke up to find myself lost. Big K asked what's up for breakfast and all that came across my mind was, well nothing. So anything will do. Lol, Big K. HAHA. Anyway, he suggested that we should try at a new dim sum outlet nearby. In this case, Axian Dim Sum. Apparently, this restaurant is owned by Axian, with a couple of partners. For your information, Axian's name is Jason Yeoh and he is the host for a few talk shows and food shows on Astro AEC. No, I'm not a fan of those shows simply because I don't understand chinese. wtf?

I'm a chinese, the chinese blood runs in me. That doesn't mean I can read them. So basically, whenever I eat out at places like this. I'm lost. Pictures speaks a thousand words is the only quote that runs through my mind. I'm lost. I can't breathe. I need air.

Here's some yong tau foo thingy, bitter gourd with fish paste and some unknown yet deliciously gooey sauce.

the really miniature egg tarts. i find the pastry a lil' too oily, or greasy, or whatever.

kampung koh chilli sauce. haha, lights up a few bulbs.

herbal tea, i forgot what it was. nothing great though.

it's some sorta har gao, or we call it prawn dumpling in english. this is not your everyday ordinary har gao. the prawns are wrapped with celery. ok ok lah.

lao sa pau, whatever it means. this is one of the must try dim sum here. i don't know what it is inside, but the bun is fluffy, and the filling is rich with nutty flavors. thumbs up!

how can you resist those filling?

if it's messy, it has to be good, real good.

another must try, shanghai xiao long bao. it's some mini pao with soup based pork filling. honestly, i'm bad at describing food. this one was okay though.

HAHA, macro mode gone bad. fml?

another weird unidentified green stuff. i think its called teochew siew mai. lets see, pork dumplings from teochew? should be, could be. smile peeps. seriously don't know lah, but it's pork inside.

har mai, prawn dumpling? there are so many chinese people in this world, so that explains why there are so many types of dumpings dumplings to cater to their own unique tastebuds.

char siew pao. it's almost impossible to get the translation wrong. roasted sweet pork in steam buns. according to Big K, the deciding factor in whether a dim sum restaurant is good or bad or very bad or very f bad lies in this humble yet popular char siew pao. It has to be juicy, and the taste gotta be just nice. Not too sweet, and not to dry.

was okay lah.

last but not least, crispy salad prawn roll. it's prawn wrapped with some noodles looking stuff and fried till crisp. maybe its just me, i find the fried stuff a lil too oily for me.

The food was okay, nothing impressive. Just my two cents though. Haha. I think the place is nice, a lil modernize yet keeping the orientaly ambience. I think Big K will be visiting this place again, since he re-ordered the char siew pao twice. So Puchong peeps, give it a go!

the location map courtesy of Axian's blog.

If you have a lil trouble with directions from the map, here's the actual address with other details.

Axian Dim Sum
25-G, Jalan Puteri 2/3,
Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Tel: 03-8063 6866
Business Hours : 7am - 3pm (Daily)

If still can't locate it, try using your GPS. credits to

GPS COORDINATE: N 03° 01.338’ E101°36.989’