Jul 26, 2009

Steven's Corner, OUG Garden

Was in KL the last weekend for some squash competition. No, I'm no longer a player. I'm the one who plays around with the players. In other words, a coach. Now that explains why I left Simply Unfashionable rotting alone here. Honestly, I'm just plain lazy. Being a homo-sapien that craves for good food, I managed to sneak out to have a cup of tea or two, and also good food, mind me. My favorite sorta food has always been those with complicated yet flavorful ones. Like those of Indian and Mamak food. Well, went to Steven's Corner, a highly rated and successful mamak stall, now a fast growing food chain. Down the memory lane, with the first ever Steven's Corner, once a humble mamak stall at OUG Garden. I heard of this place, from blogs and flogs, so it couldn't get any wrong right? Anyway, here's a bunch of pictures I snapped on my visit there.

what's the crab doing there? 2 things crossed my mind, it's either to boast bout their delicious crabs, or to tell people the food there are totally, ugh.. well.. crap?

now you see him...

...now you don't! Don't be fooled by all this optical illusions! they moved around so fast that they're working really slow! Get it?

See the mini mart behind? Empiricism at its best.

The wide variety of seafood at the deep fried food counter. This has gotta be the best counter of all. Hands down!

This is the 'macha' who serves the most cholesterol to everyone around here, I might be wrong though.

The teas, not good. To play it safe, get soda instead. For real peeps!

Nasi Lemak and the mee goreng counter. One can see how unhealthy Malaysians are! But who cares? Good food, must sacrifice lahhh. Says shiyun. haha

The power of 3, or rather, the fats of 3. Deep squid squid, fish eggs, and quaill. Eat while it's hot and smoking.

The star of the night, the meat was tender and very well marinated.

Fish eggs, so-so lahh

This is not bad too, but it tasted like rubber once they lost the heat. So whack them up before they cool down.

Tandoori chicken, not good. Basically tasteless. The onion tasted better, much much better.

The naan that comes with the chicken, even worse. Hard, and dry. Maybe I had better naans in Ipoh, but this is totally aweful. So now tell me, are they over-rated or maybe I was not in luck to taste the best of Steven's Corner?

Now you see them...

...now you don't! Suckas! Except for those dried papers baked in the tandoor they called naans.

Not only I think the food was below average, even the service here was really really bad! It took them 15-20 minutes to take the order, 15 minutes to serve them, and another 10 minutes to pay. Ya, that means you could have just walked off without paying cuz the staff there are too busy walking, or rather playing hide and seek with among themselves. Seriously, they're like ninjas cuz they were a few times, you called them "Boss!", turned around, and wtf they're gone? Maybe, I said maybe it's just that night, but I don't know. This experience is not convincing me to return to them. I might be back if the naans are a little merrier. Not that dull dhall.