Jul 5, 2009

Restoran Bukit Tambun

It has been really quiet here, in my blog. Simply Unfashionable was announced dead last week, but yes I faked its death. I think I should be asking my readers this, do you think MJ is still alive? Surely there are many skeptics and believers as well, what about you? Many theories and sightings has surfaced and it is believed that the late 'King of Pop' is still alive. Well, what say you? Anyway, this is gonna be a food post, no politics and no nonsense. It is gonna be 2 visits in 1 post. Went there the first time, and it suck big time. The second visit was a much better affair. Location? Restoran Bukit Tambun, Tasek Road? Haha, I don't know what's the address.

Lets start of with the first visit, shall we?

Chinese tea, nothing to comment on.

Braised pork ribs in guiness. This has gotta be the single best dish I had on this visit. The gravy are so rich, and it matches really well with those ribs. I don't know if you could ask for more gravy when you're ordering, but you should try doing it somehow.

Rice, not that tasty. Haha.

I don't know what is this. Sawi in garlic oil or something like that? It was ok.

Crabs in salted duck egg. To be honest, how can anything go wrong when it is cooked with salted duck eggs? But trust me, this version here suck big time. Well, at least to my tastebuds. Maybe it's because I had better one elsewhere. It's a bit wet, and I prefer it to be a lil drier. Just my 2 cents though, you could like it, but I won't be ordering this again, at least for now.

Deep fried mantis prawn with butter. Butter taste, nil. Meat taste, nil. Texture, nil. I thought I ordered deep fried rocks with sands and pebbles. Enough said.

That sums up the very horrible first visit to Bukit Tambun located at Tasek Road or something like that. A place famous for its seafood did really bad, and not to mention it took them forever to serve a dish. There was only 2-3 tables there, and it took them 15-20 minutes to prepare a single dish. So how would I rate it? Food, NO and the serve time, HORRIBLE. Haha. Being to harsh eh?

Okay, breathe in, breathe out. This time for the second visit. Are you ready love?

Kung pow ostrich slice. Haha, might sound sick to some, but trust me it's nice. You wouldn't have noticed it's ostrich, cuz the texture of the meat somewhat resembles those of the venison. The meat was tender, and the taste was just right. Not to spicy with a hint of sweetness. A good start, just like the previous visit with the pork ribs guiness crap.

I won't comment on this cuz I don't know how. It's 'yau mak', I mean the greens, stir fried with fermented bean curds.

The star of the day, Kam Heong Crabs. Kam heong is a method where you whack stuff like curry leaves, curry powder, lemon grass and anything that sounds nice to you and make a hell of a insanely fragrant meal. The crab this time, is so much better than the one with salted duck eggs. It was not too spicy, nor it was to dull. The heat matches really well with the meat, and it gave me the right kick on my tastebud, and yes, it was good.

I'm tasty, eat me.

I wasn't satisfy with the way they dealt with the mantis prawn on my last visit, so I'm giving it a go, again. This time, I'm playing it safe. I'm gonna down this monster whole! Without the shell of cuz. If I don't remember wrongly, this is 'butter steam mantis prawn'. Looked freaky, some sort of outer space creatures.

You can see that there are not much meat in it, but trust me again, the meat was great. It was sweet and the texture tells you that the meat was really fresh. You can almost feel that the meat is 'swimming' in your mouth when you're munching on them. It's a must try if you're there. Will surely be ordering this again.

Burps! After Tesco Extra, Bercham, drive straight down till and turn right on the 2nd traffic light. The one at Tasek. After the right turning, drive straight. I don't know how many traffic lights you'll see, but Restoran Bukit Tambun is situated on your left. Keep an eye on the Shell Petrol station. They're just next to each other. Easy to locate right? Well, I suck at giving directions. Live with it.