Jun 16, 2009

Nizar: Hero or Zero?

What the headlines will be tomorrow?
Nizar: Hero or Zero?

As a proud Perakian, I am deeply saddened by the news I saw and heard today. All mainstream medias, irresponsibly blasted and labeled MP Bukit Gantang, Datuk Seri Nizar with titles such as kurang ajar and biadab. Well, at least a few news channels on national tv. None of us are surprised with those very 'honest' news we see everyday on tv. What Datuk Nizar did was, putting on a headband and cheered "Hidup Rakyat, Bubar DUN Perak". How barbaric was this act compared to those we saw on 7th of May? As a soon to be voter myself, I don't see anything wrong with a Wakil Rakyat being the voice of the Rakyat, and voicing out the wants and needs of people of Perak. Yes, I'm proud to say that I'm a Perakian. Instead, leaders like Datuk Seri Nizar is what we all should be voting for. Yes, we will need more leaders like him, be it from the Barisan Nasional or the Pakatan Rakyat coallition. How often do we see a Member of Parliament, getting so vocal in the Dewan Rakyat? I thought our parliament system was supposed to be democratic, fair and just.

As a proud Perakian, I am deeply touched and I felt grateful that Datuk Seri Nizar was the Menteri Besar of Perak. Well, he still is the legitimate Menteri Besar to most if not all of us. Honestly, the mainstream media can try and taint the image of Datuk Seri Nizar and the other respectable Pakatan Rakyat leaders, but I'm pretty sure the people of Perak and Malaysia are not buying it. Anything that the Barisan Nasional is trying to do to patch things up, will be seen as a gimmick, as we the people are tired of everything. We're tired of how the police, anti corruption commission, judiciary system are being manipulated to serve, well we all know who.

As a proud Perakian, I wish not to see the fiasco and crisis go on with the State Assembly of Perak. I would like to see everything going back to business as usual. I want to have a government which is legal, voted and has the mandate from her people. We had a great 10 months or so I have to say, till 3 Yang Berhormat jumped ship and abandoned the Pakatan boat. I wonder when people don't respect them anymore, will the Yang Berhormat title be stripped? Anyway, will you, I mean the people from their constituent still respect them, anymore? I thought the Pakatan Rakyat administration under MB Nizar performed really well. When you're doing something really well, you won't please everyone. In this case, Pakatan Rakyat won the heart of the people, they did pleased everyone. I'm pretty sure Barisan Nasional was aware of the threat and they gotta do something, and obviously, they did thrown the Pakatan State Government out. Was it legal and unethical, or was it illegal and unethical? Either way, it was still unethical. The heroic act by our beloved and legally appointed Speaker, YB Sivakumar will not be forgotten by anyone who truly loves democracy.

As a proud Perakian, I would love to see peace coming back to my state. I gotta agree with Datuk Seri Nizar and the rest of the Pakatan Rakyat leaders and also a few Barisan Nasional leaders who called for the dissolution of the Perak State Assembly. The fiasco and drama has dragged on way too long. We gotta put an end to this, and there's only one solution. No, no the courts. No judge can decide a government, nor any courts can appoint a leader to lead one. The people are the only way where the government can be legally appointed. I'm not a law student, but I guess I don't need to be one to understand this. It's the best way to go back to the people by calling for a fresh state election.

As a proud Malaysian, I call upon Datuk Seri Najib to understand what the people really want. What we call for is a fresh state election, and not for Pakatan Rakyat to be re-appointed. With all my respect to our Prime Minister, I humbly ask, on behalf of thousands of Perakians to hold a fresh state election. We're not politicians, but we can only express ourselves and to give our views. If we Perakians are to accept the idea behind 1Malaysia, we can only accept it after we achieved 1Perak.

Pardon my hiatus for almost 1 week. Should I seek apology? No. Should I feel guilty for not updating? Once again, No. Let us all pray for a better nation.