May 4, 2009

easy like a sunday morning, not

You know how hard is it for me to be awake by 11am? Well, I sorta did it today. Not that I woke up voluntarily, I was dragged out from the comfy soft lovely sweet darling bed of mine.

that's not me, and no, she's not a sheep, she's a dog

The gloomy weather accompanied by drizzles of rain, didn't help me much. Instead, they tried to put me back to slumber land. But heck, I was motivated by something, divine. Not a visit to the church, but to. . . somewhere familiar. A place where no souls can. . .

taken this picture from Motormouth's, chill ya bro!

"Your light at the end of the tunnel. Your solace, your requiem, your COFFEE. @ Sri Ananda Bahwan Restaurant."
- motormouth

Oh, how can one resist the scent and fragrant in this holy place? The moment I stepped in the eatery today, I saw they're grilling some marinated fish on banana leaves, and 'reloading' the tandoors with blazing charcoals. Tell me, how can anything go wrong when stuff like this is happening even before you settle down? Your eyes are looking around, your stomach is crumbling upside down, you're confused, you're hungry, and you want to freaking eat! Well, that wasn't my case. I had breakfast elsewhere and I was there solely, I repeat, solely, in other words, just for the COFFEE! Say I'm addicted, cause I think I really am.

Went with my family and of cause we did order cheese naan and the fried bitter gourd as well. You just gotta munch on something there. Trust me, the whole place makes you wanna swallow them whole. You can go in with your stomach bloating, but once your nose sniff around, you'll be hungry, in no time. I think I typed to much, pictures now.

the bitter gourd, try it or kill yourself. it's seriously good

the cheese naan and the tandoori chicken


two shots are better than one, i really do think so

I need your feedbacks, should I make the trip to Sri Ananda Bahwan a weekly affair, or not?