May 24, 2009

dear Sandy

From Autumn to Ashes - Autumn's Monologue.
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It's Sunday, slept and woke up in the morning. Couldn't sleep, and here I gave life to another poem. This one is simply titled, Dear Sandy.

Dear Sandy

Looking back on where we started,
It was a long and winded road,
You were unique and you stood out,
Never had I thought that you could be the one.

Bright sunny day out on a beautiful island,
Accompanied by sounds of the waves,
Never knew nor did I notice your hidden talent,
To steal my heart with just a single gaze.

Could it be something that I’ve felt before?
Was it just a spark or was it a great flame?
I was very curious as I wanted to know more,
What is love and what’s the real name?

I said to God how can it be?
All the while love’s in front of me?
Why couldn’t my eyes open and fucking see?
That true love is made for you and me.

I had fun when we’re together,
The cute and silly things you do simply make me smile,
It’s you and there’s no other,
With you being yourself with a very special style.

Though there are times when we disagree,
We somehow manage to make it all right again,
There’s always a price and it was never free,
To gain something we have to feel the pain.

Didn’t you know that I was ready all along?
To make amends, and to hold your hand,
Could someone tell me what went wrong?
I really wish that I could understand.

Who else can I blame for all that I’ve not done?
I knew not the perfect time to do what you told,
It’s too dark and I can no longer find the sun,
Isolated, lonely and now I’m feeling the cold.

"Here I'm pinned between darkness and light"