Apr 2, 2009

a trip to delhi

I was supposed to blog about this, last month. Anyway, I don't think I did blogged about Indian food before in my previous post. So this time, I'll blog about this place, Delhi Junction, which proudly says that they're 'the only stop for mughlai cuisine.' In other words, nothern indian cuisine. Correct me if I'm wrong. Finding this place is not hard, as it's located facing the Ipoh Padang. The same rows of colonial looking shops along with Old Town Kopitiam. Oh ya, I went there with one of my squash mate/ex schoolmate, he's a gay guy, he's handsome, interested? But he's not available.

Delhi Junction, DJ

trying my best to understand the menu

the 'bar' area where beverages are prepared

the complimentary papadam

the mango lassi, RM 3.90 each

plain naan, RM 1.90

Mutton Vindaloo, RM 7.90

Mutton Briyani, RM 8.90

There are heaps curries, 'rotis', and naans to choose from. I opted for the plain naan as I wasn't in the mood to excite my tastebuds. The usual suspect was cheese, garlic, onion and loads more. The naan was alright, soft and fluffy with a hint of crispiness on the outside. As for the mutton vindaloo, it was ordinary. Nothing really special and it was forgettable. Ate better elsewhere. The mango lassi was good, and I believe it was made upon orders. So it gotta be fresh. The mutton briyani, was just alright, doesn't give you the 'wow' factor. It's abit different from the briyani I tasted before as this was a fiery spicy one. There are hints of 'cili padi' all over the rice and mutton. So if you can't take spicy food, do think twice. The complimentary appetizer papadam was slighty burnt! For me, they tasted even better, for the others, I guess better QC next time boss. The place was new the last time I visited, so I believe there's very much room for improvement. The price mentioned above was the so-called 'introductory price', so you might expect the price to be slighty higher the next time you're there. So check this place out.

The total damage for two gays guys?

RM 27.80 for 1 mutton briyani, 1 mutton vindaloo, 2 mango lassi, 1 plain naan and with 5% service charge.

Delhi Junction
No.13, Jalan Tun Sambanthan,
30000 Ipoh, Perak
tel no. : 019 - 573 6311