Apr 20, 2009

Madras Coffee, Sri Ananda Bahwan

Greetings maggots! peeps. Guess I'm back and kicking blogging! Let me kickstart my first post from my so-called 'hiatus' with a post for caffeine addicts.

I guess old town white coffee, Ipoh white coffee or whatever you wanna call it, is so damn commercialized and popular regardless of where you are in the country or even out of the country. To date, many food bloggers, or floggers made their review of the heavenly white coffee from Ipoh. Nam Heong serves one of the best white coffee and it has been around for decades. Correct me if I'm wrong, I think the white coffee was first brewed there. Check out the post bout Nam Heong at Motormouth's blog.

I'm not gonna blog about Nam Heong nor about the famous white coffee. If you think white coffee is the best Ipoh got to offer, think again. A very good friend of mine brought me to place in old town, yea old town for a cuppa good ol' classic Indian coffee. Yea, you got it right, coffee from India. Alas! not the same old white coffee. This very special coffee is served with fresh cow's milk, and I was told that the coffee beans or powder are all imported from India. For your information, I don't drink milk, nevermind the cow's milk! But no worries, the coffee taste is strong enough, but not too strong that the milk taste is masked well in this coffee. The combination is just right. Oh ya, this cuppa heaven is called 'Madras Coffee'. I think it's either the beans are from Madras or maybe Madras is the "coffee capital" of India.

the rich coffee and sugar, the fresh cow's milk

"tarik' them

smells good

really good

drink while it's hot

So basically the simple steps involved in making this coffee is, you pour the coffee into the milk, and pour the mixture back into the coffee, and keep repeating till you down everything leaving behind nothing.

It tasted a lil' like latte, but sorry Starbucks/Coffee Bean, you're nowhere near it! At only RM 1.50 ( I think) this must have been the healthiest, and tastiest coffee I had in my 20 years of life.

Where can you get this dose of caffeine? Locate Nam Heong, drop by at Motormouth's blog here to get the location. Drive/walk/crawl/fly pass Nam Heong (should be on your left) and you'll see Sri Ananda Bahwan on your left as well.