Mar 8, 2009

Simply Unfashionable, what it means?

There are simply too many misunderstandings and unnecessary flaming going on between two parties on the question I posted on the previous post. After a series of discussing with an important individual who is related to the majority to those who had commented, we both have come to a conclusion of this, that is to stop all the arguments which are not related to the question, and it seem more like a personal attack in which we both have no idea why and what is it about.

My initial plan was to answer each and every single comments I get on how my readers would define Simply Unfashionable. I expected any numbers between 1 to 20. Unfortunately, the number of comments I received was 99 comments, and that includes the one I responded and excludes the other 5 I will approve once I'm done typing this post. To answer more than 90 comments is not an easy task, as there are too many comments which ran totally out of the topic.

Due to overwhelming unrelated comments, and as I mentioned, a discussion with the said individual, I shall response to a few selected comments, which are relevant, and a few others to clear the misunderstanding. No names mentioned, it's not my fault if you felt the pinch.

The 99 'comments' Question
Define Simply Unfashionable.

I believe the question is pretty much easy to understand. I did not use any bombastic words, nor did I used any English that are deemed confusing and rude. It's just a question, a very direct one, and one who asked for an answer.

The 'rude' remark

'Tell me what you think, and I'll tell you the size of your brain.'

It's pretty obvious I asked my readers what do they think, and by saying so, there shouldn't be a clear line for what is negative, and what is positive. It is purely how one would think of Simply Unfashionable, as a word. Therefore, for those who think and said that all I want was just positive feedbacks, you got it totally wrong. Never did I said in any part of the particular post that I want ONLY positive comments, and by the way, like I mentioned earlier, positive and negative does not play a role here.

On the brain statement, how can one say that it's rude to say so?
First of all, I did not mention any names, nor did I force anyone to read and comment on my question. Should you respond to my question, you should also be ready for the respond that I will give, if there are any.

Secondly, those who ought to think creatively, should have known that it wasn't meant to be really judging by saying your brain is smaller than mine, etc. The very last comment that I have yet to approved by Mun Yee pretty much hits the bulls eye.

Thirdly, if I really did say anything about sizes of brain in the post or in the comments section, you are free to say that I'm arrogant and rude. But the fact stays like this, I did not comment on the size of the brain of anyone, think again, look around, tell me did I just told a lie? It was just a part of the post, and it's not even the question. Think logically and certainly, without all the hatred you have, you should be able to figure it out.

Lastly, if I really do comment on the size of the brain, I assumed that you say I'm rude because, once again, I assumed that you already think that I will say your brain is smaller than mine. Let me repeat again, I did not judge anyone's brain. Why would you think that I will say your brain is smaller, if I really do comment on the size? I could have said your brain is bigger than mine, and everything is possible. In addition, the size of the brain doesn't really determine how smart an individual is. And also, the left side of the brain is where we think logically, and by giving statements which are not facts, that means one are not thinking logically. If you still think of it as an insult, it pretty much proves that is why that said part is somehow asleep.

Leave your answers in the comment section

This was supposed to be as direct as the question asked. It's sad to see people responding to the answer in the wrong place, the chatbox. Therefore, anything mentioned there (in the chatbox) are not considered as an answer but as spam or maybe just messages instead. Take for an example, during your examinations, you were told to write your answers in the answer sheet, but you ended up answering on the question paper, is your answers still qualified to be called, well, 'answers'?


I pretty much covered what I said in my own post, so I hope all your misunderstanding is gone. I know there are still many who thinks that I'm acting innocent, being a hypocrite, or anything but honest and sincere. It's up to you to think what you wanna think, please feel free to do so. I'm not gonna define the word, 'Simply Unfashionable', because another unhealthy 'debate' might start again if I posted my own definition. If anyone of you wants to know how I define it, feel free to ask me, and to those who have any friends who are the 'managers' in the Sunway College prom, you can always ask the committee what is Simply Unfashionable in my context. No, my blog's name wasn't adapted from the prom, it was the other way round.

your comments, and my answer

I'm not sure if Simply Unfashionable derived from the 60's but it's interesting to have it that way. I guess what you really meant was retro? Correct me if I'm wrong, or even Google. I believe the first and second result page for 'Simply Unfashionable' is pretty much dominated by my page. I don't remember blogging about fashion, as in the way people dress in my blog.

I did not suggest Simply Unfashionable to be prom name of my college first ever prom night. Someone else suggested it, and I was only told to explain to them what I meant by this two words. I believe the committees and the adviserss (lecturers) are wise enough to evaluate the value of these two words as one entity, not two separate entities. It is unfair to say that the prom is a failure, as each and everyone who is involved sacrifice a lot. By saying that, I believe I know what I really mean by 'Simply Unfashionable' and so do the committees. So it is also unfair to say that I don't know what I mean, as I managed to explain what it meant to them. I'm not the project manager, I'm just one of the managers.

I wouldn't dare to say I'm the 'founder' of the 'theme', I can only say I started name for my blog with a concept, and that the prom name adapted its theme from my blog.

I didn't know 'Simply Unfashionable' was never regarded as positive in the context of 'fashion'. Now that I read it in your reply, I know. Thank you. By the way, I don't blog about fashion, as in the way you and I dress. Fashion can be defined as a trend, or something voguish. Sorry but I don't watch reality shows such as Project Runway, no disrespect but I'm not a fan of designer clothes.

Everyone dressed tremendously well for the prom, thumbs up to those who attended and supported 'Simply Unfashionable Prom Night of Sunway College Ipoh 2009'

I'm not the one who mentioned 'Simply Unfashionable' comes from the 60's. It was another commentee who said it's from the 60's. Thank you.

I believe speaking and typing vulgar words doesn't make you any cooler here. Thank you.

No, I did not delete any, and I repeat, any comments. All I deleted was just the 'comments' or more accurately, spams and unrelated messages in the chatbox, upon someone's request. If you still think that I deleted any 'important comments', feel free to submit them again. You should know all your comments are published.

I think the question wasn't related to the prom night, but since you mentioned bout the dress code, I believed it was stated very clear that it is supposed to be semi-formal. And now that the prom is over, let's move on shall we?

I have a question, if I ever deleted any of the comments, that makes me a chicken? I couldn't agree more, but too bad I published everything. What about those who submitted them? From the language they used. Thank you.

I repeat myself, how can I screw the entire prom night when I'm only in charge of slide presentations and other IT related matters. I'm not the one who is in charge of the theme anyway. You should tell the one who suggested it, and do you want his/her contact? And also, thank you for giving me the title of Mr.Unfashionable, I kinda love it actually. Thank you again.

I wasn't being 'macho macho' here. Neither do I know who you are, so I'm kinda interested in knowing how you know who I 'really' am? You said bullshit, but I would say those are English words. Thank you and good day.

Do I have to admit I'm wrong when I said there is nothing positive nor negative here? Its an open question, do read the question again. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for dropping by.

I don't have to prove to anyone, anything. This is my blog, and I promised that particular person to protect his/her identity. I think I really do have the guts to take the insults and keep my promise to the particular person. I think he/she should be reading this now. No worries, and thank you.

I think Michael Jackson will be sad if he reads this comment.

I'm not misleading, as I did not mentioned that I want positive feedbacks. I'm getting a little too reptitive, but once again, look for the word positive or negative feedbacks in my question. Definitely did not asked for PRAISES, it's a question. To be more accurate, it's answers. Leave me a message if there are any discoveries. Thank you, oh well, if there's no finding, you can always say I deleted them. I did not, and thank you.

I'm not a brain specialist, as I'm just a humble guy. I did not judge on the size of anyone's brain. Thank you.

I did not force anyone to give comments, what more asking for positive comments?

It's not a competition of who is more sarcastic, even if it is, I lost by a thousand miles. Thank you.

If you have concrete reasons, I would certainly entertain your request to not delete the comments, in which I approved every single one.

Michael Jackson then, now Adolf Hitler? What's next?

When did I praise myself? Prove what you say and I'll be more than happy to accept it. Thank you.

Most unfashionable brains in Perak, thank you. I think it sells well. If you know what I mean.

'I'm always right attitude', maybe you're referring to those who flamed here. Thank you for dropping by, hell must be really hot back then.

I think someone is very obsessed with politics. Good to start at a young age.

Haha, 50 cent in the house. Yes, indeed everyone had a great time during the prom. I don't see a problem with the back drop looking at the budget the design team got. No worries mate. Good day.

Yes, be thankful for the prom is successfully over. There's always good and bad and there surely are room for improvements. Well, it's true bout the prom name. Someone have to kick start it. Cheers and stay happy. Thank you.

No one is 'shit' here. But certainly there are many who do not really know what is going on here. They came in daze. Chill.

Yes, it was indeed a bold decision to decide on the prom name. But people who don't really understand should make an effort to ask as the great team of committees done the very best to convey the message to the people. Thank you.

Haha, it's true that I did not join the fun of the 'debate'. But it's harsh for you to say its retarded to argue online. Somehow, I do benefit in terms of the rocketing blog traffic.

I agree different people thinks differently. I wouldn't have asked the question if I have other ideas on mind. I repeat again, I did not ask for positive nor negative feedbacks.

The fact is, I did not start the 'argument', or rather debate. Look for the comment that you said started the debate. And also, what I deleted that made me look innocent. Thank you.

No one judge the size of your brain, not me definitely. Yes, you're correct; it's not about the prom. But somehow, this blog is not related to any education institution, therefore where you study does not really give you a privilledge to comment. Everyone are free to do so. I don't know the personal attacks are against me or you now. And yes, I myself are not sure. Thank you for dropping by again.

It's true I did not force anyone to comment and I think you're not the only one who thinks that there are nothing wrong with the question. Thank you for that. But I'm not sure on one statement, are those commentee jealous of the author? Haha, I seriously don't think so, anyway thank you. I'm flattered.

I don't know if the 'opinions' said is constructive or somewhat related. I know that I did not flame anyone. Thank you.

Thank you Singapore for having visitors as well.

I believe the 'female' said has already cleared things up, so it's up to everyone to accept what she said. Thank you.

I didn't know I hurt the feelings of all the Sunway College students. If I really did, what was that, that I said that hurt so many?

end of comment responses

Since most of my 'readers' thinks that I want only positive feedbacks in my previous post, I've decided to not accept any feedbacks for this particular post. Say I'm not democratic, but I have concrete reasons for doing so. It was part of the agreement I had made with that particular person I mentioned at the very start of this post. No names mentioned from the start till the end of the post, so everyone chill.

We both do not wish for such a small issue to end up in a fight, physically. The exchange of words from both parties is a little worrying as there are threats and challenges. We both certainly wanna put an end to all this hate messages and blasphemous phrase and before it can get anymore worse, we want to end all this in peace, and not pieces.

Let's make peace, before we put ourself in the warzone. This is an agreement met by both of us, as the initiators and leaders of our own people. We don't want anyone of us to be hiding in Turkey's embassy.


I approved the other 5 comments that I mentioned earlier. Those 5 were submitted after I said I won't be approving anymore to avoid more conflicts.

If you can see in my chatbox, someone certainly masked himself with Mr.Gobu and Lucifer's name to spam in the chatbox. I pretty answered all the question he raised. Thank you for that. But somehow, both 'Mr.Gobu' and 'Lucifer' shares the same IP address at It is obvious that someone used two nicknames. I've saved a screenshot, and just in case I need it, I have evidence to protect myself.

Thank you for reading this long post,

Yours sincerely,