Mar 22, 2009


A simple poem, took me 15 minutes to scribble this out. Nevermind what I'm trying to say, because I have no idea what I wrote as well. Just like always, my poems are all surreal. Might not be true and it could be total fiction. Didn't know to date, I wrote around 200 poems. Not gonna post every single thing, because I believe most of my works are crap, total crap. Here you go, this one is titled at Game.


If I say I’ll be gone tomorrow,
Will you ask me where?
Will you say you’ll follow?
Will you always be there?

I can wait on and on,
Even without any clear sight,
I have no idea what’s going on,
But I just wanna hold you tight.

Now that it’s been going on for too long,
Tell me what’s on the other end?
Does this make us weak or strong?
Does this even make me a better man?

People say that love’s a game,
Where pride is all at stake,
Love’s fool and love’s shame,
How much more can I take?

Sometimes you cared too much,
And I’m glad that you did so,
Sometimes you just lost touch,
Alone and I’m feeling cold.

If I say I’ll be gone tomorrow,
Will you still be there?
To see my sorrow,
And to show that you really care.

You’re all I really need,
And yes,
It’s true that I love you.