Mar 2, 2009

define: Simply Unfashionable

I wanted to ask this question in the future, but I guess the time is right now for there are too many people who judged Simply Unfashionable, in an unjust way.

Simply Unfashionable
, I thought of this name, 13 months ago, and started blogging with a new name, new direction and a new concept.

Simply Unfashionable, 13 months later, was suggested to be the prom name for Sunway College Ipoh's first ever prom night. I wasn't the one suggested it, but I did explained the concept behind the name, Simply Unfashionable.

Aren't you contradicting yourself with two different statements you made?

Simply Unfashionable, laughing stock?idiot theme, to those shallow minded?

Simply Unfashionable, thank you committees for making it the theme

If you wanted something more romantic, you came to the wrong place. There's no need to for the prom name to be something romantic, it's the 27th February, not the 14th February. It's a promenade, and not a Valentine's Day celebration.

Here's a chance to redeem yourself, brave soul.

I'm opening this question to all the readers of my blog.

Tell me what you think, and I'll tell you the size of your brain.
Leave your answers in the comment section.
Dare you?