Mar 14, 2009

David's Diner, with her

Okay, lemme clear things up. I'm not a lazy person. I'm now drafting this post immediately after I posted the previous post. Like I said at the end of that post, I just don't want that post to get a lil too long and boring.

It was like this, we both didn't know how we ended up having our, what was supposed to be high tea at David's Diner. We both were kinda involved in some game competition in UTP, Tronoh don't ask and we were kinda early on the first day. Game starts at 8pm, and we arrived at the venue after lunch. lol? Loitered and explored the city campus, fooled around in the gigantic massive huge kickass UTP library before we left the place at around 3pm.

It started to drizzle when we left Tronoh back to Ipoh. We were both kinda hungry, I guess, but we got no idea where to 'makan'. lol? She was the one driving yea my car so I'll have to think of a place to eat! Don't ask me how or why, I just thought of David's Diner. Maybe the hospitality of the people there kept me wanting more. Urghh, that doesn't sound right.

It was raining, the weather was cool, the music was right and it was pretty romant.....ic. Crap's aside. Here's the food.

as American as it gets

heavy metal
from the states as well?

ham and cheese sandwich

another shot
red nailed


oozing their way out

grilled chicken 'burger'

grilled chicken 'burger'

crappy shot
too bright dslr please

She said her ham and cheese sandwich tasted good but it wasn't special enough nor it has the wow factor to it. She really like the bread which was lightly toasted and that gives the sandwich different texture, crisp on the outside, soft and warm with the cheese in the inside. Why my bugger burger doesn't look like a burger? It was like this, they ran out of burger buns and the lady boss was kind enough to tell me this herself and put the blame on the waiter. lol. She apologized for the waiters' mistake and she also convinced me that the 'burger' will be just as tasty with the toasted white bread. To be honest, it was good! Could have been better with a burger bun, but it's alright. The bread was toasted lightly and it matched really well with the grilled chicken. Really liked it, and will certainly be going back to taste it with the real buns. Okay, that sounded weird to me, again. I hope they will replace the current crinkle cut fries with something like those in Chilli's and Tony Roma's.

It was still raining as we head back to her house. Still a lil too early to get my ass back to Tronoh, so we kinda hung out in her house. Wasted 2's wasted! Spent around two hours chit chatting and playing around before the clock struck 7pm. Well, guess its time for us to move on, back to Tronoh.

So we packed our bags, turn on the music, and I. . .

. . .captured this while driving


It was the prettiest sight of a sunset I've seen in my life, I'm still young lahh.
It was even prettier with her beside of me in that very moment.
Haha, she'll kill me if she reads that.
Sorry lor, I know I'm lame!