Mar 14, 2009

David's Diner, Greentown Square

I can say that this is a delayed post. I should have posted this few weeks back, but I didn't. I even have the time to return to this place with her. By the way, visited this place for the first time with my own family members along with a couple of close family friends.

Well, David's Diner is sorta new in town, as I believe they started their business not along ago. 24th of November last year, I think. I also believe that I'm not the first to blog about the food there, as there are many 'floggers' who had covered this "Truely Amercian Food" diner. You wouldn't have noticed this humble shop, but I can say you should start giving this humble diner a go. The food is reasonably priced, and of course, they tasted brilliant. The service was great, as far as I am concern. The attentitive staff never fail to smile, and they're pretty friendly too.

So here I present you with pictures of the food and the diner that I managed to snap on my first visit, and also the second visit with her if I'm not lazy.

David's Diner, Makanan Amerika Sebenar

shop front

chili, tomato, garlic, pepper


the menu

the menu

chicken soup
they said it's home made
chick soup

mushroom soup with lotsa pepper
was alright
mushroom soup

chocolate milkshake
not good

deep fried fish
with garlic mashed potato and italian roasted potaoes
deep fried fish

Mexican Nacho Bel Grande
the nachos sorta resembles cachos
mexican nacho bel grande

chicken alfredo
was ok I guess
chicken alfredo

seafood alfredo
a lil too salty on its own
seafood alfredo

grilled fish
with corn and coleslaw
grilled fish

marinated lamplamb steak
really good

toasted garlic bread
much better than pizza hut's
toasted garlic bread

marinated lamb steak
mac and cheese, beans and franks
lamb 2

grilled salmon
fresh and good

sirloin steak
great as well according to nikki
sirloin steak

grilled chicken
grilled to perfection
grilled chicken

roasted chicken salad
the big let down, not good!
roasted chicken salad

the mess
and the best

banana split for the kids
i'm not one

blonde brownie
very freaking sweet

suga suga
seriously, it took me a lot of courage to finish this

caught in the act. lmao

Overall, I thought the food was great. The only let down was the roasted chicken salad. The greens tasted kinda weird, and chicken, did very little to save the dish. The pasta needs to improve, but anyway, pasta is an Italian thingy, this could be the reason they're taking them easy, or maybe not? The milkshake was alright at the first sip, but on the second, you kinda get the idea that you're better off drinking sky juice instead. Thumbs up to the fish, lamb steak and sirloin steak! They were nice and the price is reasonable. The dinner cost at around RM 350+ for 12 adults with 13 set dinners and desserts.

Okay, done writing for the first visit. I guess I'm not that lazy anyway, I'll be posting my visit with her in this post as well. Talking bout killing two birds with one stone huh?

Baaaa, just teasing. Stay tuned for my next post.
I don't want this post to be too long. =p
The same place, with someone different and special.

David's Diner is located at B-G-1, Ground Floor, Greentown Square, Ipoh.
Find Guardian's Pharmacy, and you'll have no problem locating David's Diner.