Feb 3, 2009

i feel old

I know I did not update my blog, lately. Just plain lazy. I don't think I need to apologize, it's my blog, so, ya. Who cares? I'll be away from home for a week. That means, not gonna update my blog while I'm away. Ok, so i'm chasing readers away. I'm not going for a holiday, but I'll be spending my week with my kids. I'm not married. My students. Kids? I feel old.

Somehow, I feel like a dad already. So much hope had been placed on me by their parents, so let us pray that I don't disappoint them.

I shall repeat it again, I feel old. My kids are going to kick some ass in the upcoming junior squash tournament. Wish me, and them luck. See, I'm not that lazy. Away on official duty.

Somehow,I still feel old. How pathetic life can get? It's weird, but I'm currently stuck to listening David Cook's Lie. No, not his lies but a song of his entitled Lie.