Feb 22, 2009

could it be, love?

It's Sunday, and what you expect me to do? Woke up pretty late. Was fooling around with my guitar an hour ago, and I suddenly thought of writing something. That's what I did, and here's what I wrote. Wasted Used 40 minutes to write this.

Could It Be, Love?

I woke up to a hot sunny Sunday,
To find myself all alone in my empty room,
Could someone please lead my way?
Out of uncertainty and out of this gloom.

Where are we both heading to?
We know how we both really feel,
Still we need to wait for more clues?
How can one tell if love is real?

Twenty four hours and counting,
We both are away from one another,
Still there’s one soul I’m missing,
I want you and I want no other.

Could it be, love?
I could hear your voice singing in my head,
Could it be, love?
When I have the courage to say what I said.

I looked out to notice it’s no longer sunny,
Dark clouds came and took the shine away,
We both thought that love was something funny,
And we both know it’s not an easy game to play.

I told you everything and I hope you understand,
That what I asked for is to just hold your hands,
I know it’s not just about making empty amends,
I’m ready to love and to be your best friend.

Through the good and bad,
I want you to know that I’m always around,
Now baby don’t be sad,
I promise that I will never ever let you down.

Could it be, love?
When I can finally feel your pain,
Could it be you?
Inspiring me to write again.

Now tell me, am I wasting my time?