Feb 8, 2009

CIMB National Junior Squash Circuit 2009, 1st Leg

If you're a loyal reader of my blog, you would have noticed that my blog was on a hiatus for a week or so. Let me clarify things, I'm not lazy. Well, that's not of a important clarification to make, judging by the political mess Perak is in right now. Really, how many MBs do we need? A MB who is not accepted by the people, or a MB who was elected by the people? Its all starting to make sense, isn't it? No politics in this entry, sheesh!

Before I start writing, I would like to apologize if there are any mistakes, be it the pictures posted or the word typed as I can say, I'm really tired now. 4 days of madness surrounded by around 400 kids in a packed place really is a lil too much for me.

I was away for this...


I believe it's all stated on the banner where I went and when was it. I'm drained and my brain's outta juice. I lost the left side of my brain due to the limited supply of liquid by it. Let me put it this way, I was a squash player and I started coaching 3 years ago. It was my first time bringing my kids out for tournament away from home. I couldn't excuse my self during that 3 years and my kids traveled with different coaches all the time. So yea, this is gonna be the first time, me and my kids traveling together. After 3 freggggin years, right. No, don't get me wrong! I'm not that old! And I'm not telling my age. Not that it's a big secret, but I would like to keep it a lil personal. Enough of me, back to the Junior Circuit.

It is kinda obvious who the main sponsor for this junior circuit is, and if you have no idea who they are, you need a full body check up they're no other than, the CIMB Foundation.


The CIMB group has certainly pumped a lot of ringgit in support of the development for this game. The kids no longer eat improper meal, for all meals are provided throughout the tournament. The kids no longer wear their torn stinky shirts and pants, for free T- Shirts and shorts / skirts are given to the kids before the start of the junior circuit. Back at those days, I remember the worse thing about traveling for tournaments would be the accomodation. If I'm lucky, I'll get rooms with attached toilet and a fan that's really working. If I'm not, well, you could have guess it yourself. But now, those lucky kids have not a single to thing to worry bout their bed for the night, they can always do this...


Talking about consistency huh? Buses are provided to bring the kids and the officials from the hotel to the courts and vice versa twice a day. What more can you ask for? Free shirt, free food, great hotel and now, buses?


He have every reason to smile!


The picture above is the only time that I remember seeing the sun from inside of the bus. Why? It was taken at around 9am and as far as the junior circuit is concern, we were heading to the press conference in Bukit Jalil. On usual match days, the bus leaves from the hotel as early as 7am, and leaves the court as early earlyyyy early as 8pm/9pm/10pm. You do the calculation, how long did I spend in the squash courts during the junior circuit.


I don't know if my kids was excited, but hell I was darn excited despite my eyes got kinda heavy.

the Perak hunks

the Perak babes

I would give two thumbs up for whoever who arranged this press conference. It wasn't boring, and it was 'red'. It's still Chinese New Year, and there's a handful of fun for those who are present. Roaringggggg the way into the year of the Ox that doesn't sound right, not at all, a lion dance performance was arranged, and we were informed that the performers are handicapped. I wouldn't have noticed it if I was not informed bout it.


he looked real high

can someone sponsor me a DSLR? I need better quality pictures!

passing around the auspicious fruits

touch my head~


As soon as the performance are done, the kids returned to the hall for more goodies. What are they this time? Michael Jakson singing Sexy's Back. Red packets and mandarin oranges in conjunction with Chinese New Year, of cause.

mock cheque presentation

the Squash Racket Association of Malaysia vice Chairman

you guessed it, it got really messy


my beloved girls!


CIMB spells generosity

Kids, they even throw oranges at those big bosses head. The press conference was right after the goodies giveaway. Present are those national and sports television station. Namely TV3, Sport Center Malaysia, Bernama and etc.

spot the guy in white, who is he?

got it?

it's me and Rashid Salleh of Sports Center Malaysia!

It was an eventful junior circuit involving Malaysia's squash scene. All states participated and here are some shots to put my words into, well, images. Note that I couldn't snap pictures of all the state as all shots are taken candid. I don't wanna look like a maniac taking pictures of the back of the shirt.

Perak, my much loved state

Penang, famous for their food and Datuk Nicol David

Sabah, famous for Mt. Kinabalu
Melaka for famous amos Fort A'Famosa


Kuala Lumpur, home to the Parliament of Malaysia

Negeri Sembilan, known for their No.9, Robbie Fowler


and Chelsea? Scolari anyone?

As I mentioned earlier, the participants was announced to a close of 400 kids, and trust me, every angle you turn at, it's all kids, kids and KIDS.



east, Sivaji!

I don't think a 'west' is necessary. No junior circuit is complete without the love,excitement and drama. Of cause there are a lot of happenings throughout the junior circuit, but I was too busy taking care of my kids to put them in pictures. I shall now present you with random shots of the people there.

the rapping briefing session

long lines for food

this is not C.S.I


Daddy says: One more!

this match was a fluke, they both played the wrong opponents,lol?

the waiting list for ... on ... from ...


crossing the lines

enthusiastic officials at work

Mr.Lawrence Kwan, for quality rackets, strings and shoes
evertriumphkl@gmail.com, 012-382 7877


we all need a break, don't we?

Every beginning must come to an end, and the end, was one packed one. Moving around the area makes me feel like a sardine trapped in a tin. Well, not that bad, but something like that. The huge crowd made the air-conditioned courts kinda warm compared to the earlier days. I can easily say, the last day was the most hectic of all. First, the place was extra packed because most teams had already checked out from their hotel rooms, and therefore, placed their luggage around the court area. If it was packed with homosexuals homesapiens, it's now packed with bags and huge luggage. Secondly, the prize giving ceremony had to be rushed and it even started when some other matches are still going on. It was total madness towards the end, rush, and rush, and rush.

the girls final attracted more audience

that's how it feels like walking around in the courts


the medals with the presenters

souvenir for the sponsor, CIMB Group

I think they shouted, "CIMB Boleh!"


gold, bronze, silver or no medals, everyone's a winner!

I totally had fun throughout the junior circuit. Though there are problems here and there, but they're really minor. The only problems are my feet kept on complaining. Yea, try walking around for 13 hours non stop, and taking care of 20 kids simultaneously. I'm keen on the next junior circuit in Kuantan. Don't know if I have time to make it there. Fingers crossed!

Well, I guess that's all from me now, drop me a comment if you have any inquiries about this entry. I'm only human and I need a lil...


I need a DSLR, any sponsors? lol
All the pictures are taken with my phone. I know they suck. That's life.