Jan 18, 2009

Milky Love

It looks like I been abandoning my blog for quite some time, but the fact is that I actually DID update it. It's updated in this very post, Simply Unfashionable. I wrote this poem this monrning, at around 4.51am. I was kinda 'drunk' and it might sound weird to you, but still it's a poem.Here you go, a new poem by me, entitled Milky Love. Sounded lame huh?

Milky Love

Somewhere out there,
There’s always someone longing for your touch,
There’s always someone missing you,
I am the ‘someone’ that misses you very much,
But I dare not tell you how much I love you.

If only you paid good attention,
You will realize that I was always by your side,
Just like your very own reflection,
I never want to leave your sight.

I told you that I love a girl,
And you don’t have a single clue that you’re her,
I don’t know if you really have no idea,
That it’s you that I want to call my dear.

It hurts a lot to hear your rants about him,
How perfect you both could be together,
The only place with you is only in my dream,
You’re the one and I want no other.

I wish that I could have as much love as he got,
But I know I’m not that lucky,
If love was as simple as I once thought,
I should now be holding the key.

How much will I be risking telling you these 3 words?
You told me timing is an important thing,
Now that you’re down and been hurt,
Is this the perfect time to be your darling?

If only I have the courage to voice my feelings,
I won’t be talking to myself this very moment,
I lost track and I couldn’t find the right bearing,
To explain my situation or rather this torment.

What do you think of it?
Anyway, just trying to keep everything surreal.