Jan 25, 2009

Lunar New Year

I'm a liar, a good one. I told her to stay put, be a good gal, and just make sure she's in front of her lappie as I might need her help a lil' later. And so she did and ....................................... fast forward! I'm at the gate of her house. Greeted family members and it was great. Did a lil' 'traditional' stuff, well according to her. Exchanging goodies is what I meant. Yea, a lil' traditional, but hey, we're chinese! I'm happy, or should I say, very happy.


The stuff I get back in return, totally sets me in the mood for this celebration. Everything including the bag which holds the stuff is red! You see RED everywhere!

I'm happy to have been where I had been!
Oh yea, she's Ms.Sophie Leong.
HAHA, zophielicious ehh!

Happy Lunar New Year peeps, and make sure you gain more weight this few days.