Dec 19, 2008

Simply Unfashionable

Something BIG is coming. . .


the team of people working on. . .


coming soon
February 2009

brought you to by the Student Council of Sunway College Ipoh.


2nd January 2009


A meeting involving all department leaders and subordinates was held in the college. While the students of SYCI is "eagerly" waiting for the new semester, the team is busy preparing for "Simply Unfashionable". Monday, the 5th of January will be the official day and more information for this event will be leaked out real soon.

What was the agenda of today's meeting? I can't leak out anything here, just yet or I'll be killed. Anyway, the poster, banner, ticket designs, teaser 'trailer' and most of the minor issues has been finalized and resolved. There might be a change of date, I repeat, MIGHT. Till then, 27th February is still the date. I'll keep you updated, so you gotta come back here real often. That's all for now.


6th January 2009

Unfashionable banners and posters are spotted everywhere! Uh! Wallpaper as well!? Here's the proof!

at the entrance!


the poster!


strictly for authorized personnel only!


poster again!


nailing the baby banner


simply irresistible!


everyone's talking about it!


and again!


and it's everywhere!


the working committee behind this event


this is getting really unfashionable!


and they're getting a lil' too high!


Do you feel the heat now? I'm so 'turned on' by the atmosphere surrounding it!

this is...


9th January 2009

Registration started yesterday, the 8th of January. All of you might be well informed that the charges are a little special for the early birds and for those who register as a pair. To answer the question of many, a pair means you register in two. Put it this way, it really doesn't matter if you need someone of the opposite sex to register as a pair. You can go boy-boy or girl-girl and that does not make you a homosexual.

Look around and you'll see notices leading you to the registration booth. It is located in the Resource Learning Center, or simply known as, the library. Here are some pictures that shows the progress of setting up the...

the corrected one, you might notice the error in the previous update


pumping it baby!


look at those hands!


proceed here was added into the arrow later


and this makes the library a lively place


the booth, without pens and papers


the overview of the booth


guess who!


be sure to be a part of this event, or else he'll . . .


Make sure you register early! It's something that comes once in a lifetime!


16th January 2009

It's Friday, and it's the last day of registration for the 'early birds'. I bet those early birds did save a lil bucks for rainy days, or rather for the prom. Yea, yea, now that everyone know it's a prom, so what? The excitement is still there as we have yet to reveal or leak more information. To date, we have approximately 120 participants registered for Simply Unfashionable, and it's a great achievement. The first week of registration and we already reached more than half of our target. Thank you, if you, the one reading, YES YOU, registered. And if you have yet to register, what are you waiting for? Get your name in the list now! To sum up the week, a new presentation of the prom night is up, on the TV at our lobby. Yea, check it out! It'll be updated again next week, fingers crossed, if I'm not that lazy. Haha. Suggestions and ideas or even complains are welcome. I mean for the slides, if you're not happy with it cuz you're in it not in it, buzz me up! Alright, here's a few random pictures of the happening for this week. Enjoy.

the early birds

1 (3)

any idea...

1 (4)

...what's going on,Mr.President?

1 (1)

HAHA, I love this shot

1 (2)

the couple you should seek if you wanna register!


that's all folks! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!


27th January 2009

It's finally here!
See you there!