Dec 6, 2008

Prank Call Gone Bad

Say my name, say my name, say I'm lame.
Ever tried to be lame funny, and failed?
Ever acted as someone else on the phone, but you just gotta admit it's you at the end?

Laugh Out Loud. Read on, suckers.

This conversation took place on a bright sunny day.

me: Selamat tengahari Cik Leong,ini Jamal dari Petronas Silibin.
i thought was her (her sister): har? mana?
me: Petronas Silibin, ini Cik Leong Su...San ke?
i thought was her (her sister) : *silent for a moment*

background voices: 'petronas wor'

Her sister: hello, cari siapa?
me: Cik Leong Su San...ini siapa?
Her Sister: ini kakak dia.
me: oh..*started giggling*
Her Sister: ???

background voices: zzzzz

me: sebenarnya, saya kawan dia *giggling*
Her sister: har? yea ke?
me: yea betul.
Her sister: you ni, cina ke melayu??
me: cina laaaa... hahahaha...
Her sister: oh..hahaha..nama?
me: nick... -__________-
Her sister: ohhhhhhhhhhhh.....HAHAHAHAHA
me: haha... -__________-
Her sister: nanti yea...
me: ok.. haha -__________-

Her: WOIIII!!!
me: WOIIII!!!

the rest is total P&C

Okay, lame's the right word to use now.