Nov 15, 2008

The Shell Collector

Wrote this poem, during this trip.

The Shell Collector

The shell collector,
Fueled by passion,
Is he only a visitor?
to the sands of near perfection.

He walks along the glittering sands,
Accompanied by the glorious sound of waves,
Does he have a chance to understand?
The beauty of mother nature and also his own daze.

He looks to the never ending waters,
And the sky that shone so bright,
He thought of all that could ever matters,
Serene nature takes away his doubts and fright.

Ocean breeze blows over so gently,
With the smiles and love all in sight,
The day mother nature performs perfectly,
Is the day we'll end all war and fight.

He who walks with one direction,
Could only see love as the only affection,
If he knows sure of what he really wants,
He wouldn't mind waiting for years if not months.

Is is just to say that love's not fair?
When you wait badly to be yours,
It's just not there,
It'll never be there.

His job is never done and will never end,
Walking alongside her because he really care,
I believe he'll do whatever he can,
By the waters, the sands and the air.


okay, the pen is so not cool.

edit: Pen model, Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V5 RT. lol