Nov 13, 2008

Don't Mess With Me, I'm A Gangster!

I was chatting with Wingz three days ago, and it was a great conversation since we had not been contacting for quite some time. The conversation was a good one. We talked about life, economics and politics as well. I even told him where I might be continuing my studies. He didn't ask me what I'll be after I graduate, but he did tell me it's hard to earn a living in the world today. To my surprise, he encouraged me to be a, GANGSTER? Yes, a gangster. It's KuWakChai in cantonese. I told him, I joined when he first started this group.

So, I was a gangster. For real. I'm so cool, right? I was in deep thoughts, should I revive my 'career' as a gangster and fight my way to become the gang leader? Besides, I remember I earned a lot, from doing crimes. But hey, second thought. I think I'm not a really good gangster after all.

I got mugged and beaten over and over again! Look at that, Hawie19 mugged and stolen RM 96, 776 from me. Look at the other girls and guys who thrashed me around! I'm sucha big loser, and maybe there's no hope for me anymore. But Wingz with all his power and might reminded me, there's a school for gangsters like me. School where you can learn all your dirty skills and tricks to succeed in the underground world.

Join KuWakChai now!

Learn how to play KuWakChai here!

Being a police in Malaysia today is no better. So I told myself, why not give it a shot,as a gangster? What are you waiting for? Sign Up laaa!