Oct 18, 2008

Penang Penang Penang...

Was really busy. Exams, stuff and stuffs. Oh, or maybe I'm just giving myself loads of excuses to take a break from blogging. Even bloggers need a holiday, don't we? The political scene in Malaysia hasn't gotten any better. Those who are still in a state of denial, please wake up. Anyway, enough of politics. I just I gotta buckle up and get my blog heading back in the right direction. After two strenuous days of exams and last minute assignment rush, I finally get my, er well, not so well deserved breakaway. I was away for a trip organised by my vice president to Penang. Yea, a club trip to Penang. How routine can it get? Overall, it was a very pleasant trip with not much activities. This is the kinda trip that I personally prefer. Loads of freedom and yea, nature. I ain't gonna blog bout the food I had throughout the trip, cause I guess I blogged a lot about Penang food in the past. Well, just a short update for my blog with random pictures of my trip there.

spot the not
it's obvious

the beach

another shot
of mother nature

it's like 1am on the same beach
shot by emo girl!

real lost, and really retro
colorful shelves from nowhere

some Thai Buddhist temple
dragons and dragon

Burmese Buddhist Temple

hello kitty

some batik place

the artist

their work

the art

more arts and colors

shot by the emo girl

. . . and my fans friends

They're not paid to pose,
i'm not a cult leader!