Sep 12, 2008

Why ISA to stop Raja Petra?

Boy oh boy, what is going on with our country? Politicians can get so desperate that they used the Internal Security Act (ISA) against. . . well, a blogger? Ok. Not any ordinary blogger. I mean, this is really getting insane. We are always that this is a country that practices democracy, freedom of speech, etc etc and bla bla cause it all doesn't really matter. ISA against Raja Petra? I mean, wake up our 'beloved' leaders! You know well what we Malaysians want. We want a change! Why are you so desperate to hold on to what you have now? Dato' Ahmad Ismail is the one who is causing havoc, inciting racial hatred, and he even wrecked up the BN component parties and all he got is suspension for 3 years. Why not arrest him under ISA? If it doesn't make sense for him to be arrested under ISA, then why Raja Petra? I'm sure the people would like to see what are the excuses this time. I doubt that Raja Petra is causing havoc and delivering things which are not true. It's true that millions of Malaysians, and possibly people from all around the world read what he wrote, and if the facts is wrote was not. . . er. . . facts? Then what are you afraid of? There's no reason why the ISA must be used against Raja Petra. I wonder, when will ISA go. . . when will our country move on, and to be a country that runs with the rule of law, and not the rule of the jungle. This government have to go.

Wake up, it's time to move on. Time's up, and you have to go. It's all over, there's no turning back. The 'rakyat' is losing faith in you. Yea, use the ISA against those who supports the opposition. It's a matter of time, before Pakatan Rakyat forms the federal government.

So long Barisan Nasional.

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A clip to educate us on what ISA is.