Sep 19, 2008

Teresa Kok released!

September 19th, yet those in power still refuses to step down. Don't they get what the people want? What the nation really want? It's not about Anwar Ibrahim's position as a Prime Minister in waiting, it's about the nation as one. I'm sure the current, well, leaders must have read alot bout what we 'rakyat', the people of Malaysia really feels. If they still think that they should fulfill the mandate given to them during the March General Election, forget it.

Anyway, Teresa Kok was released by ISA at about 1pm just now. I just all the efforts by the DAP leaders and Pakatan Rakyat leaders paid off. Well, the ruling coalition has been putting themself in real mess lately, with unexplainable and yet ridiculous "own goals". I bet all Malaysians, and not only the leaders of Pakatan Rakyat is celebrating, because we Malaysians, are one.

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YB Lim Kit Siang of Ipoh Timur was quoted saying
“Bravo. The irresistible pressures for her unjust and undemocratic detention had succeeded,”

Two freed, one to go. Let's set Raja Petra free.