Aug 31, 2008

Malaysia's 51st Merdeka.

31st of August 2008, Malaysia celebrates its 51st year of independence. I went for the Merdeka countdown to witness thousands of patriotic Malaysians gathered, and of cause shared their happiness in this meaningful annual gathering. I arrived kinda late, and parked my car in a sorta isolated area, few kilometers away from the Perak Stadium. The road was jammed, the streets were packed. Many took this opportunity to parade around with the country's "Jalur Gemilang", while others is there to experience this carnival like gathering. I can hear someone's giving a speech while I make my way through the packed street. I can see from the big screen, and his ever powerful voice gave me a hint that the speaker was non other than the Chief Minister of Perak,Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin himself. I stood there to watch him speak, and it was a one of a kind experience. As I mentioned earlier, I was late. I could only listen to the final few minutes of his speech. Once again, it was a great and motivating speech for us, the "rakyat".

Then there's the countdown. The moment everyone's eagerly waiting for. I could hear the strong voices of thousands of people there, counting down from 10, 9, 8, 7 . . . till they chanted the word, "Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!". Each chant was repeated after a loud and spirited cry by the Chief Minister himself.

The fireworks performance certainly end the night on a high note. It lasted around 7 minutes, and by the looks of the people around me, they were surely stunned and awe by the colorful explosions that happened right before their eyes. I'm no exception.

Once again, Happy Independence Day to all Malaysians.

Let us pray that we there'll be a change in our country, for a better future, and a new dawn for the country. Let us pray, that a "new Malaysia" will be born on the 16 of September. Let's pray for best, only the best leaders.

*the format conversion made it like I recorded the videos with some prehistoric camera. thanks youtube.