Jul 24, 2008

CPI for June surges to 7.7%

When will this end?

is he for real?

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim have every right to smile, and keep smiling . . .

Go the rakyat!

Meanwhile. . .

CPI for June surges to 7.7%

The consumer price index for June surged 7.7% on-year and also recorded a 3.9% increase on-month, fuelled by the substantial rise in the price of petrol and diesel.

The Statistics Department said Wednesday the CPI for January to June increased by 3.7% to 109.0 compared with that of 105.1 in the previous corresponding period.

“Compared with that of the same month in 2007, the CPI increased by 7.7% from 105.3 to 113.4 and when compared with the previous month, the CPI increased by 3.9%,” it said.

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Oh Aisyah!