Jun 10, 2008

Bust the freaking ants!

I know. . . there aren't any updates in my blog recently and the blog traffic fell like there's no tomorrow! Yea. Truth hurts. Well, not really. Sorry for not updating cause you all know that I'm a lazy bump busy guy. Been kinda stuck with games my club activities. Yea, we're currently doing a donation drive for the victims of the Sichuan earthquake. And yea, we're also planning on a few 'activities', and I'm don't think it's appropriate for me to reveal it here, just yet. I'll try to bring back the sunshine to this blog again once I'm not that lazy free. Do click around in my blog, take a look at others' blogs and also the ads, only if it attracts you!

Oh ya, kinda bumped into this game, and thought of sharing it with everyone. It's something like protecting the cake from being stolen by ants. How? Protect it by building and upgrading cannons. Yea, kill the freaking ants with cannons. There you go,

caution: highly addictive

Burn baby,
there she goes again . . .