Jun 25, 2008

All Hope is Gone, Slipknot


Slipknot, how can I not publish a post about them? Well, I can't really say that they are the best metal band around, but I can say that they're really good at what they're doing. I remember when I first listened to them,9 years ago. I was young and I felt in love with them instantly. okay, that's so gay of me. I mean, it wasn't that hard for me to adapt to them as I started listening to Fear Factory, the old Fear Factory back when I was 10. I remember getting 2 cassettes and a CD of Slipknot's self titled album, Slipknot. Basically, I got 3 of the same album and yes, they're original.


The first album was really sick, correction SIC. Joey on drums, Shawn and Chris on percussion. Total killer. It's like they created some sort of new genre of music. Tribal yet, wait. What about Sid on the turntables? They created a whole new genre of metal with their own unique style, on and off the stage. Correct me if I'm wrong, maggots. I think there's no need for me to say more about Mick and James, and also, Paul. Heavy riffs by them made Slipknot, well Slipknot. A class of their own. Craig, one of the most mysterious of the 9 members contributed to the success of the first album too. Noticeably, on the track "Tattered and Torn". Which was a song remade from their 'first' album, Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat (MFKR). Last but not least, the vocal for the band. Corey Taylor, he's basically the heart of the band. His talent and his one-of-a-kind vocal made him different. He's also responsible for writing songs that is primarily about his troubled life at a young age.


The second album, titled Iowa, was released on August 2001. The noticeable changes include a more death metal oriented drumming style by Joey and also Corey's deep vocal grunting.


The third album, Vol:3 The Subliminal Verses was released on May 2004. It was produced by Rick Rubin himself and this is no doubt the softest recording Slipknot ever did. It was really soft compared to what the two albums they released before this. With soft acoustic tracks like Vermillion 2, die hard maggots are worried that Slipknot has become just like any other metal bands. Getting softer by day.


I doubt that they are going softer, for Slipknot's is expected to release their forth studio album soon. Titled at "All Hope is Gone" and it's due to be released on the August 26, 2008. Why do I doubt they are going slower and softer? Try listening to "All Hope Is Gone". I supposed you got your own way in finding the media on you own. Anyway, a complete track listing will be announced soon, but they are sites that have what supposed to be the real track listing of the new album. Yea, Mr.Google will do the dirty job for you.

So Maggots, remember to keep an eye on them. I'm sure they'll be rocking us once again.

like this. . .


. . . even mommy is joining the party


Want more? There you go, another teaser by Slipknot.


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All Hope is Gone, play to listen. Cheers.

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