May 17, 2008

The Passing of My Beloved Family Dog

17th May, 2008. A day filled with surprises and grief. A day that you last sees us and greet us. The day where the sun shines beautifully, and yet the night still seem too long. How can I ever forget the day you left, without signs and notice, you just left with a smile on her face. It's not a pleasant Saturday, at least for me.


After 10 years of serving and protecting my family, you finally say goodbye. You were the family alarm clock, waking mommy up consistently every morning and you were also my family's best friend. Even though you couldn't talk, but we all know you understand, always.


Some might say you're a little arrogant, but I say that's attitude. Some might say you're really cocky, but I say you're just yourself. You are one of the reasons that kept the smiles in my face, when both my sisters and father is working faraway. You were a really good and loyal companion to mommy, when everyone's away, including when I used to travel a lot.


Whenever there's sight of food, you were never shy to get your share. Weird enough, but it's true that she loves durian, langsat and apples. Not even the most slumber of dreams can stop you for having your share of, whatever food that's offered.


We love you, and we all know you loved us too. For you, our safety has always been a priority. Though sometimes you bit the hell out of my shoes, and cause chaos in my room, but you know that I still love you a lot. Even though there are times when we fight, but you somehow knows how to make things right.


How will I miss your wagging tail, and long pink tongue, greeting whenever I'm back home from college or even work. Smiling and cheering like you met a long lost friend. But when I reached out my hand, you ran amok and hide without failing every single time. Inviting me for a game of hide and seek.


The morning came, and you bleed through your nostrils. You were still happily playing with me, less than 7 hours ago, how is it possible? Why is life so fragile? Nothing seemed right, every thing's so wrong. I thought the sun was shining bright, but once again, it just went wrong. Your face and legs were covered with blood, and I'm sure there's tears too. You still managed to wag your tail, smile at us even though you're not in an 'ok' condition. Trying your best to tell us that everything is alright, everything will be just fine.


It all happened just too quick, and mommy said you couldn't held on much longer. You were breathing heavily, every minute, every second. You fought hard for the past 9 hours, fighting to be strong again. You were the winner, cause you never did gave up, I know, I know. You can barely open up your eyes but I know you can hear me. I went to your ears and whispered, "Wake up GiGi, there's good food at home, and I'll tickle you more. Come on girl, wake up, it's time to go home." You couldn't do what you did best, to cheer me up. You can only disappoint me this time, even it wasn't your will. Many came to see you for the last time, Uncle and Aunt Loke, Shi Yun, Sze How and Wei Lin. Don't blame Shi Yun, she's just afraid of dogs. We all felt the pain that you feel. Finally, we decided to put an end to your suffering, you were lay to rest, at around 6pm, you finally get your long and slumber sleep.

Even though she's gone, life moves on. She might not be here with me and my family, but I know her legacy lives on. She showed me why she's more than a friend to me, a good and bestest friend indeed. I miss you a lot, I hope that you know.

credits to szehow for this song


Where are you now? My beloved friend, GiGi.
fugu said you're with God now, are you?