May 13, 2008

Glory Glory Man Utd. . . no?

Exams coming up real soon and all I can say is I'll keep this blog updated as frequent as I possibly could. Hah, I sounded like some multi-million dollar business who are too busy to even shit on the bowl. Anyway, most of you might already know that Man Utd is the Barclays Premiership champion for the 07/08 season. It wasn't was a really dramatic end to a well plotted season with the title race going down to the wire. All I can say is well done Man Utd, keep Avram Grant for heaven sake, and better luck next year Gunners. I bet most of you might also watched the celebrations after the game at the JJB Stadium. Do you know how the Man Utd stars looked after the celebrations? Well, uhh... they don't look that happy after defending their title. You're so not gonna trust me, so scroll down. . .

Plenty to smile about: With a winning team and an imminent wedding, you'd think Wayne Rooney, pictured with fiancee Coleen McLoughlin, would be happy


Man of the match Ryan Giggs and midfielder Michael Garrick arrived wearing their Premiership medals


Glum and glummer: Captain Gary Neville and Brazilian midfielder Anderson look unhappy following their win


All white on the night: Argentine Carlos Tevez and French Patrice Evra appeared stunned - perhaps by their win - as they arrived at the Casino


Cheer up lads: With miserable expressions like this, Wes Brown and Nemanja Vidic looked like they were from losing side Wigan



Jubilant: Hours earlier the team were ecstatic as they raised the trophy

urghhh. . . what bout Roma?

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Dear diary,

Yea, 2.40am and I'm not gonna sleep anytime soon. Gonna wake her up like I did yesterday. Darn, shouldn't have told her that I was sleepy and blur throughout the day cause she told me to get more sleep today and she's not telling me what time she's waking up today. Haha, she'll go nuts if she failed to wake up to do her final preparations. Yea, her exams. So, I'll stick to my own plan and ignore her words. Mission's still on. Cheers to myself. Good luck to myself.

Am I bad for ignoring her words?
what are you dreaming of fugufugu?